Under the Dome

Spending and the Cabinet departments

Which Cabinet appointment oversees the most money?

The Secretary of Health and Human Services, by far.

A review of the 2007-08 budget shows that the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services had by far the largest amount of spending — nearly three times as much as expenditures for the rest of the Cabinet positions combined.

Health and Human Services: $16.5 billion

Transportation: $3.5 billion

Correction: $1.2 billion

Environment and Natural Resources: $329.8 million

Crime Control: $206.2 million

Juvenile Justice: $168.8 million

Commerce: $115.7 million

Revenue: $109.2 million

Administration: $108.3 million

Cultural Resources: $82.1 million

A caveat: The figures above include money received from both federal and state sources. Nearly three-fourths of Health and Human Services funding comes from the federal government.

The revised numbers for 2008-09 are not yet available.

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