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Sources: Perdue won't seek re-election

UPDATED: Gov. Bev Perdue announced at noon Thursday she won't seek re-election. Read the full story here and read Perdue's statement here.


Gov. Bev Perdue is expected to announce today that she will not seek a second term as governor,  two sources close to the Democrat's campaign tell The News & Observer.

Perdue is expected to make an announcement this afternoon, a N.C. Democratic Party spokesman said. Her campaign aides began telling top Democrats in the past 24 hours. Perdue campaign spokesman Marc Farinella could not be reached for comment. 

(See a photo gallery of Gov. Perdue's career.)

Her departure sets up a scramble at the top of the Democratic ticket, about 15 weeks before the May primary election. A number of Democrats instantly rise to the short list of potential replacements but all face an uphill battle against likely Republican nominee Pat McCrory, the former longtime Charlotte mayor who matched Perdue's fundraising in this election cycle and sits with $2 million in the bank.

Perdue's political fortunes did not look good for her re-election campaign. A recent poll shows McCrory with a 11-point advantage and three of her former campaign associates face criminal prosecution tied to her 2008 bid.

One likely candidate for governor is state Rep. Bill Faison, an Orange County Democrat, who has been making moves for months about running for higher office. He said he will make an announcement next week about his plans. Asked if he will run, Faison said "You should probably expect the announcement will be in that direction."


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We'll miss you Bev

So, do we allow McCroy and the state legislature to continue their pathetic efforts to take NC back to 1950?

Not on my watch...

I'm not sure who will be the D nominee when the smoke clears, but whoever it is would be a better choice than Pat. In a time of unparalleled economic uncertainty, all the repubs in NC want to address are social issues (gay marriage, loss of women's rights, etc., etc.)

Remember...the elections of 2011 showed what happens when democrats show up at the polls. With the reality that the repub presidential candidate will likely be Romney or Gingrich (and I can't believe I'm actually making that statement), I'm afraid you regressive rednecks will have quite a battle on your hands.

See ya in November, boys.

Bev Purdue

I am very sorry that she will not run again! I do not  know why, but I am confident it is with very good reason that she made that decision.  Gov. Purdue has been a champion for the working class citizens of North Carolina.  She is and has been her own "woman".  She did not ride the coat-tail of president Obama as Pat McCrory would have people believe.  People in North Carolina were fed up with the politics as usual in NC.  As a resident of Mecklenburg county, it was refreshing to know that McCrory could not even carry his own county in the previous election.  I look forward to his defeat  not only in Mecklenburg county. but the entire state.  Good luck Bev, may God bless you!!!  Thanks for your service as governor.  Edwina Lytes

Dalton will be dems choice

The major donors to the dems that feed from the trough have laid down the law.Get out of the way Dumplin we want Dalton.

Makes you wonder...

what happened between when she recently declared that she was running again to now say she will not seek re-election?

It is a good decision on her part. It would have been an ugly campaign because she has enough baggage that the Republicans would have had a field day.


"Erskine Bowles

His Sweat Is Intact For You"

ps- sorry, just giddy about Dumplin', he does have a lot of accomplishments


Their Rob Christensen  tatoos? You have to give a hint.

A pyrric victory?

With her ability to read the writing on the wall (glad to know she WAS the "education governor") we are bleesed that there isn't a risk of a repeat performance by this ineffective non-leader. Happily she realized she was in way over her head. Too bad she could not figure that out the first time around - it would have saved the good people of the state a lot of grief.


On the other hand, there are a number of much more capable Democrats who are probably ecstatic that they can run without upsetting the apple cart. Faison, Cooper, Etheridge, Miller and maybe even Weiss spring to mind. They'd all be more capable than her, but the level of vitiriol and gridlock will no doubt rise dramatically. One thing they share in common: they are political hacks more concerned with self aggrandizement and pushing a wildly radical extremist left wing agenda.

In the end, Pat McCrory will still probably win. I pray that is so.  {Time to write a contribution check}

tax increase debate

So...we could've had this a long time ago if Berger had challenged her to a debate earlier?

If Bev was to "suspend" any election, suspending her own reelection sounds about right.








Sarah ring a bell?

We might see her hook up with Sarah Palin for a surprise third party run for Pres.

Bill Faison is the obvious

Bill Faison is the obvious choice for North Carolina!

Erskine Bowles should run

Erskine Bowles should run.   He would beat McCrory without breaking a sweat. 

OH No, we wanted to see her lose FAIR AND SQUARE !!!

Now we have to call her Chicken Dumplin!!!

I cannot BELIEVE that Bev would pull out NOW, when the democrackkks are

all invited to the tarheel state...Its JUST NOT FAIR as Al Sharpton would say!


The Ds could have quite a bit of diversity on that grand national stage that represents the party in NC and beyond.  I am thinking Mike Nifong, Mike Easley, Bev Perdue, Brad Miller, Tracey Cline, Jim Black, Mike Decker, and John Edwards for starters.

Pop quiz-- in addtion to all being D politicians in NC, what do they have in common?

Thanks, Gov. Perdue

Gov. Perdue has done a fine job, and, on behalf of you critics, I thank her for serving us. She has had a great many gnarly situations to steer the state through, and she has done it well. I salute you, Gov. Perdue, and I thank you.

Dan Blue

Dan Blue can ride Obama coat tails.  But what will Obama coat tails entail?  I think Blue would be wise to look to more fertile electoral grounds but I like the idea of him running.

Awkward DNC in Charlotte?

Was she pushed?  With the spotlite on Charlotte's Democratic National Convention this should be awkward.

Too bad...

I wanted her to be soundly defeated in the General election by McCrory.  My hunch is Faison did bluff her out, she may have not have survived a Primary and it just looked too difficult and too ugly.  Kind of like being a real governor, which she was never was.

So she retires as a leftie hero (puke), to be honored and feted at Chapel Hill cocktail parties, give talks about the next generation, education, the children, blah, blah.

Good riddance all the same.

Knew this was coming

I had noticed recently in the various papers I read that local Democrat Party officials were writing in to express their support of Perdue and to note what outstanding leadership she had displayed. Just yesterday the Orange County party chairman wrote such a letter to the Daily Tar Heel, in fact.

After seeing all those letters of praise, I knew she was a goner. It's like when the president says, of some disgraced official, that the official "has my full support."

Well, good-bye, Bev. We aren't sorry to see you go. You can go back to New Bern and participate in the ongoing effort to turn that formerly-charming town into a paved-over version of Myrtle Beach.

Cooper doesn't stand a chance

He moves slower than Bev.

She had zero courage Jackson_Tybee

Since the N&O's site isn't working correctly today, again, this one's for you Jackson!

It started during her campaign when she changed her name. Then she refused to debate. Those should have been the first warning signs to the morons who voted for her that something wasn't right. Then all 3+ years she avoided as much as she could and when that didn't work she'd just leave town. She will go down as the worst Governor in NC history and this state will spend years trying to recover from the jobs lost on her watch and the stupidity she dished out.

God help you if you can't help yourself.

Read more here:


Looks like once again the tech guys aren't doing their job. Typical.

Ward of the welfare state calls it quits

I respect her for admitting defeat...she cannot win becasue the coat tail is dragging on the free ride this time. In fact, Obama ought to follow her lead...!



Her legacy is defender of the status quo, and who is going to pay back the Feds the $2 billion in extended unemployment benefits?


Meanwhile, North Dakota is on its way to be the #2 producing energy state, has less than 4% unemployment, and we will not even allow hydraulic fracturing with estimated resources that may well blow North Dakota away...!

...hopefully, the same fate

...hopefully, the same fate awaits Phil Berger and his cronies...their obstructionism was the true culprit..along with failed GOP fiscal policies that wrecked this state....

...geez!!!'d think she

...geez!!!'d think she was Ronald Reagan or Dick Cheney if she was doing all that!!....

Finally, a good decision made by "Ma Dumplin"

The best decision she has ever made as governor!

OMG, Fab news!

But what will the N&O do now? She's one and done and we won't even have to vote her out! She knew she couldn't win, there was never any chance with how she has wrecked this state. Now like all good quitters off she goes to leave the mess to someone else.

The N&O should tell her it's ok with us if she leaves now.

Poor Bev quiting

Well said!


You must be really old!

Good riddance Bev. You were

Good riddance Bev. You were the worst governor in the state's history who aligned herself with the worst President the nation has ever had. Yes, Jimmy Carter is smiling because he won't have to have that title anymore. The only thing that saddens me is that you were so beatable this year. Now McCrory is going to have to wait to see who he is going to beat.

running on empty...

Running billion dollar deficits, using smoke and mirrors to balance a budget? You call this courage? What a joke!

Speak of a "few million

Speak of a "few million campaign dollars" anybody know how much money Perdue received in campaign contributions last year?

It was $2.6 million and she has reported that almost of it is left in cash.

We need not worry about Bev Perdue.  She is walking away from public office with one heck of a good retirement fund and all paid to her by contributors.

All I can say is that Democrats in this state must have some really deep pockets if they were willing to contribute to someone with her low approval ratings going into an election.

..Lord help us

..Lord help us year this time the state could very well be in the hands of the lunatic right...destroying education, the environment, womens' rights, minority rights...all in the name of making big bucks for themselves and their will be the singularly worst thing to ever happen to this state since secession in the 1800's...

NC Gov Race Wide Open

Now things get REAL interesting in a very short primary season.  With Congressman Miller stepping down today, Rep Fiason ready to announce, Atty Gen Cooper who has high approval ratings... and don't forget about former Congressman Etheridge.

If you like politics, this is going to be fun to watch! 

By By Dumplin'

ByBy Dumplin'..... whimper, sigh, sniff

But it won't be Faison. 

It will be Dan Blue. 

Well, there are a few

Well, there are a few million campaign dollars that won't be wasted in a futile attempt to get Barbie another four years in the Dream House.


Though it is kind of refreshing for a politician to tacitly admit failure and step aside like this.

Yay Baby!

However, I wish Gov perdue would of stayed in the race since she was so beatable!  Who is next!  Bring them on.....   Pat McCrory will be our next Gov of NC!   Thank GOD!

I guess her final veto will

I guess her final veto will be for herself!


Thank God for the opportunity to get rid of a liberal, progressive, Obama zombie, secular democrat.  Maybe a return to sanity is in store for NC.

Perdue not seeking a second term

Great news!  One less democrat (liberal) to deal with in the state of NC.

Brave Goveror???

She can see the handwriting. She only got elected on Obama's coattails. When he  gets erased in November she won't have a prayer.

She was a brave governor

Perdue had a lot of courage this past year.Thank god she was there. God help us all if a Republican gets into that office and there is no one to stop the ringwing  regressives who have taken over our state house.

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