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Son of Senate Bill 10

That's what House Rules Committee Chairman Tim Moore jokingly called a revised bill that would change the composition of state boards and commissions and purge some of their Democratic appointees.

The House and Senate got hung up on Senate Bill 10 last month over a provision that would fire Special Superior Court Judges. The Senate wanted to get rid of them, the House wanted to keep them.

The new House bill removes the judge firings, and eliminates sections on the State Board of Elections and the Utilities Commission.


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This bill is bad for NC citizens

This bill was a disservice to the people of NC from the outset. Most board and commission appointees serve overlapping terms to insure new members are made knowledgeable of the complex problems and laws involved in overseeing the business and safety of the citizens. This bill fires all experienced members at once.

Replacements will be made by the GOP leadership currently in power, so they will be regulating our land, water, transportation, safe labor practices and planning boards according to the dictates of ALEC. Our quality of life and work will be controlled by people who place business interests over the needs and will of the people.

ALEC members include Thom Tillis, Paul Stam, Phil Berger, Ted Apodaca and the other GOP rulers of our government. A primary financial supporter is Art Pope. ALEC does not care about our environment or anything except profits for business. ALEC has been behind legislation that has cut pre-school and Medicaid and gutted DENR and our education system. They oppose renewable energy businesses that employ thousands in this state.

These boards and commissioners regulate these things, and much more. This bill hands our state oversight to the people who care only that businesses increase profits, not that the people's interests are served.
-heather stewart

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