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Snippiness flies in state House race

The race for the Democratic nomination for House District 39, which includes eastern and southern Wake County is getting a bit snippy.

Incumbent Democrat Darren Jackson and his challenger, former Knightdale mayor
and Democrat Jeanne Bonds traded some chippy remarks in an e-mail exchange over the last couple days. The fuss began when Jackson declined an invitation to appear at a public forum organized by the Bonds campaign, Johnny Whitfield reports on the Eastern Wake Buzz blog. 

In his RSVP e-mail to Bond supporter Chris Church sent Wednesday, Jackson said he would be unable to attend because of another meeting of the Wake County legislative delegation planned for the same time.

Jackson went on to say that he has hosted a series of town hall meetings throughout the district in the past year and that voters had plenty of opportunities to raise questions or concerns. Then he criticized the plans for the event.

"The fact that you did not contact (me) prior to unilaterally setting a date, which coincidentally is in conflict with our publicized Delegation meeting, and that you waited until two weeks out  from our primary to first contact me is disappointing."

Bonds fired back in an e-mail this morning.

"Quite a few people have written and called and asked for all three candidates to appear together to take questions so this was an effort to provide a forum that voters requested. I am sorry if you have not received requests but I have for the past several weeks," Bonds wrote.


She went on to say that she had heard there might be a meeting of the Wake legislative delegation, but that she had never received any firm confirmation about when that meeting would be.

"Please provide the notice about the meeting about which you speak so we can attend since it is a public meeting. I will share it with the local officials who were not aware of it. We are also happy to promote it so there is good attendance," Bonds wrote.

She also told Jackson that the forum was intended to serve as a speaking opportunity for candidates not an update session on the affairs of the General Assembly as Jackson had promoted his town hall meetings.


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Anyone BUT Jackson

Darren Jackson - Quit clogging our mail with lies. You are hardly the "most effective" freshman legislator. You are conceivably the most "effective fibber." You lied about your primary opponent and you lie about yourself and you are self-serving. Anyone but Darren. There are many of us who will pull the lever for anyone but you. I suggest you look up truth and fiction because your fliers are pure fiction.

39th District House of Representatives

Darren Jackson has decided to campaign against Jeanne Bonds. Not to support his platform and serve the people, but to just flat out disgrace her name in any way he can.

His tactics are distasteful and insulting to the people and especially African American people. There are tents up at voting polls targeting only African Americans to provide them with a list of people to vote for, as if they couldn't make up their own minds.

Jeanne Bonds doesn't have to resort to such tactics. She welcomes an open forum in which to debate the real issues, but no, that's too much exposure for Darren Jackson. Jeanne wants to encourage people of all types to open a business and support one another. She wants to simplify legislation that can make your dreams of owning a business come true.

Darren Jackson thinks that since his name sounds as if it could be of African American descent that he doesn't need to make any appearances or canvas on his own behalf. He wants to mislead the people and make a mockery of the Black Vote.

With such obvious contrast, let your vote count. Don't be mislead by this unstrustworthy incumbent that's never won an election, get a trusted former Mayor that knows what it means to truly serve the people.

LET YOUR VOTE COUNT! Jeanne Bonds will serve us well.

Barbara S.

Scared Much?

If Mr. Jackson is otherwise engaged, why does he not suggest another date for the forum?

He was appointed to his current seat and seems to be a little scared of the competition.

never mind

never mind

A forum is a good idea

Forums are an excellent way to educate the voters on who is going to be representing their communities, their businesses, their schools, and themselves and their families come November. As a voter, I want to be educated about the people who weigh in and ultimately make these important decisions in the legislature. I want to see them and hear them speak in different environments to different people about different issues. See them speaking comfortably and speaking under pressure, and hear what they say when they may not know the answer. I want to cast an educated vote, and I want my vote to count. I would like to see these candidates in a forum and I am glad that Jeanne Bonds initiated setting one up. If getting others to agree is escalating into this, what is going to happen when legislation needs to get passed?

39th House

As a fellow member of the media, the copy of the debate request was signed by Mayor Bonds, Mr. Church seemed to be just the contact for RSVP's. Maybe some of these comments and the way this blog posting was written sums up why many members of the media are not respected...some of us do not fully read the material that is sent to our office. Sounds like a lot of our legislative members and members of congress. I'll be voting for Former Mayor Bonds, purely based on this blog posting.

At least she took the initiative to schedule the forum and give the citizens of my community the opportunity to judge for themselves who best will serve us in the NC House of Representatives.


A forum is a good idea. It provides voters a chance to ask questions and hear from the candidates themselves how they would address key issues facing the citizens in the district. Not sure what the problem is here.

what a cheap ploy

Setting a date like that without even bothering to ask your opponent is a garbage move. It's amateur hour with the Bonds campaign. Really, Chris Church should learn how to run a professional campaign and stop with this kids' stuff. It's unbecoming of a Democratic campaign.


Oh yeah, Darren was anointed to serve in the House like some others filing to run for the first time.

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