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Smithfield's ships 2 pounds of barbecue to Rick Perry

A N.C. barbecue restaurant is looking to convert Texas Gov. Rick Perry into a fan of eastern-style barbecue after he once said it tasted worse than "road kill."

Smithfield's Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q sent the 2012 Republican presidential frontrunner a letter today after reading about Perry's remark in The News & Observer. Along with the letter, SCNB included two pounds of barbecue, one pound of slaw and a pint of hot sauce. 

"I strongly encourage you to revisit your experience with Eastern North Carolina Bar-B-Q and give you the opportunity to rectify your statement," the letter asks. "We hope you enjoy this sample and perhaps sway your opinion originally based on the snapshot experience you had with Eastern N.C. Bar-B-Q."

As a commenter on SCNB's blog suggests, “Gov. Perry, clearly all those jalapeños have destroyed your taste buds.”


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Mr. Perry, I

Mr. Perry, I really wouldn't think anything tastes good after diarrhea of the mouth.  Just sayin'.

This was all a misunderstanding

Perry was talking about Obama's pork barrel politics. He was misquoted

BBQ (all caps)

For authoritative source on road kill see Carl Hiaasen's novels in which a former Florida governor escapes to the Everglades and makes delightful dishes from road kill. It could happen.

While living in Florida, I occasionally ordered barbeque FedExed overnight from Clyde Cooper's.  

My brother says he has N.C. barbeque to thank for his first two bypass operations.

A South Florida friend with N.C. roots orders liver mush from a Charlotte area company. For the uninformed, that's a delicacy sometimes served as accompaniment to eggs at breakfast or fried and sandwiched.

notice what he said.

rick perry said nc bbq was worse than roadkill.  i wouldn't know, i haven't tried roadkill.  how's it taste, mr. perry?

I hate it when you're right, AP ...

but you are on the money today. N&O, can we puh-leeze put this topic out of it's misery?

About Obama ???

"Some people are just too pompous to recognize their own lack of intelligence...."

How did this turn into a discussion of Obama?

NC pork tastes like *****

NC pork tastes like ***** !!

I will be waiting for my delivery of two pounds, with extra slaw please. Please include a little of that outside smoky bark with mine. 

PS:  Road kill is ok, but Texas style brisket can't be beat.

....and this coming from a

....and this coming from a know-it-all that uses the word "y'all".  Some people are just too pompous to recognize their own lack of intelligence.

To hell with that idiot in

To hell with that idiot in Texas..who cares what he thinkgs....besides, Smithsfields isn't even that good....not the ideal representative for Carolina BBQ.


a. Rick Perry's assessment of eastern NC BBQ is correct.
b. The Smithfield BBQ will just reinforce his opinion.
c. Wet meat...ugh! Barbequed meat should stand on its own -- why do you have to ruin it by hosing it down like a barrel of cucumbers?

What a waste

What a waste.  Of course, he'll love it now -- he's running for office.  But, I doubt he'll actually eat it.  I'm not sure I want to vote for someone who knows what roadkill tastes like, anyway.

This is Day #2 ....

I predicted yesterday that The N&O would squeeze AT LEAST four days' worth of "news" out of this very very old off-hand comment.  This is Day Two.

Predicting N&O tactics is sooooo easy.

If you actually care what

If you actually care what someone else finds enjoyable to eat, you got problems.

Oh, my. People have a hard

Oh, my. People have a hard enough time with capitalization. Don't confuse them any more. Maybe we can call what we serve in N.C. barbecue and the rest of the world can have barbeque.

Rick Perry road kill

They should have sent him two pounds of road kill and saved every crumb of the good stuff for us.

Grammatical Errors

Excuse me, J.B., but were you raised in a barn?  

Surely you know that the word "Barbecue" (in its appropriate form describing Eastern North Carolina, slow-cooked smoked pig pulled and chopped with a vinegar and pepper-based sauce) is a proper name and is, therefore, capitalized.

While it is certainly possible to find delicious barbecued ribs, brisket, chicken, and sausage, the word 'barbecue' in this context is merely an adjective describing the general manner in which the meat was cooked and suggests the use of a dizzying variety of sauces.

'Barbecue' is unique.  The word is a proper noun.  Please treat it accordingly.

Have a good weekend, y'all.  

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