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Shuler votes against stimulus, again

Heath ShulerU.S. Rep. Heath Shuler again voted against the stimulus package.

The House vote on the conference report of the $737 billion bill fell mostly along partisan lines, with Democrats in favor and Republicans against.

Shuler, a Waynesville Democrat, was one of eight Democrats who voted against it.

In a statement, he said that the bill should have focused more on infrastructure spending and programs with an immediate impact, such as extending unemployment insurance. 

"In the end, this bill simply contained entirely too much spending in areas that will not provide an immediate stimulative effect to our nation's economy," he said. 

He added that he was "remarkably disappointed" that members of Congress did not have "adequate time" to review the bill before the vote.

Earlier this week, Shuler criticized the bill at an event in Raleigh.


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Reload the Constitution, and Reboot.

This Obama bailout is not important. it's not any more important than the Bush bailout was. Both bailouts gave untold Billions/a Trillion dollars to wealthy lobby groups. The Bush bailout favored the right lobby with payoffs, and the Obama bailout favors the left lobby with it's payoffs. That's why it's a 'green' stimulus. Most of the left-lobby is in the green industry.

I dare say the first bailout was the rightward wealth-oligarchy pulling as much value out of the system they could before it collapsed -- and the second bailout is the leftward wealth-oligarchy pulling their value out.

Out of our pockets, and our kids' and our grand-kids'.

End all of this welfare for billionaires, reform US Monetary policy to prevent inflationary theft of value, and stop stealing my blasted money!

You have me in debt for the rest of my life, Uncle Sam, and that is bad enough. but now you have my unborn children and grandchildren paying for today's excess. This mess has to stop! We need to reload the Constitution, and reboot.

Re: Shuler votes against stimulus, again

Hell, WHO can get thru to Hagan's office? then she has a complete idiot answering in Rawleigh...

Re: Shuler votes against stimulus, again

Thanks Heath Shuler for sticking to your better judgement! Tell Pelosi to shove it!

Someone get MaxLynda a tissue...

Wow...seems as if someone is a little irate.

This is the most important piece of legislation in quite some time. Have you read the bill? Do you know what is in the bill? No...instead you continue to play the BLUENC and HUFFINGTONPOST and DAILYKOS as a source of your news. Let me also think that Global Warming, or now climate change, is going to cause the oceans to rise and a massive freeze to kill us all in a few years. The Dems controlled Congress since 2006. Both parties are to blame. A President can only veto the legislation. All legislation, spending, tax cuts are all handled in Congress. Learn your civics.

And you speak of financial malpractice - well how about the passage of this Stimulus Bill that the CBO has could have an inverse affect and considering no elected official truly read the bill, then how would they know? What about the 48 hours of public review of the bill that we were promised? Nope they were only up for 10 hours before the House vote. What about the campaign promises of no closed door deals? That is exactly what happen in the joint conference. It is well documented and even Pelosi nor Reid could get their stories straight.

How about this you type into google "Nancy Pelosi and Star Kiss Tuna Fish."

Excluding a tuna company in her district from the minimum wage increase...yeah she truly cares about the poor and middle class in this country.

It is a sad reality, but most all in Congress are complete idiots and do not care about us.

For example, I called Hagan's office to voice my opinion about the Stimulus Bill, not one staffer until I got to her LD could explain to me why she was voting for the bill. They said it would create jobs for Americans, so I pressed how many jobs, when would they be created, how long would they be around or are they temporary. No one knew because no one had read the bill. Lobbyist on K Street had the bill before members of Congress...again well documented. And this is all happening on the watch on Obama. Let me might respond well he hasn't had enough time...even Democrats were worried about the amount of time they had to review the bill. Why doesn't someone grow a backbone and say NO we should vote on this today, we should let the American people review the bill as we promised and we will take this up on Monday. "But it is President's Day and we were promised a recess." Who cares...this bill could avert disaster according to Obama and the Dems. I would consider that true leadership...what is the rush of taking your time and trying to get the bill right. Explain that you overly emotional and most poorly informed excuse of a voter.

Re: Shuler votes against stimulus, again

Were Rush-puppets and Newtoids in Congress sincere in opposing spending the people’s treasure on philosophical objectives? When exactly were these right-wing recalcitrants struck by their epiphany?

We know it wasn’t during the last quarter-century, during which Republicans and faux Democrats willingly, eagerly used their partisan advantage to conduct the greatest transfer of wealth in the nation’s history, thus enfeebling the middle class and bankrupting the poor while further enriching the already rich.

It is almost amusingly disingenuous of these feckless neocons and their allies to criticize proposals intended to correct the budgetary malevolence of the inept Bushists. Those who ruled so long with irresponsible arrogance, steering the nation into a murderous, wasteful Middle East war, sitting on their hands as our borders were over-run by illegal immigrants, applauding from the sidelines as American capital raced unimpeded from Hickory and RTP to Indonesia and Bangalore--these rapscallions should be ashamed to even speak now of fiscal responsibility.

Mitch McConnel and John Boehner, along with Richard Burr, Patrick McHenry, et al and ad nauseum, championed most of the idiocies of the ineffectual administration of George Bush, whose legacy is a nation waist-deep in debt, mired in testosteronic misadventures and struggling now to come to grips with growing unemployment and financial ruin at home and disrepute abroad.

We’ve heard all the right-wing arguments. We’ve watched as Congressional Republicans dragged out their alarmist GOPAC charts and sad-mouthed about the sorry state of the world. We’ve heard how, given the chance, the GOP will lead us at long last to a tax-free Nirvana of peace and prosperity.

I don’t know what new Heritage Foundation-inspired tricks the right-wing has up its sleeve, or how the Norquistrians will seek anew to divide and conquer the electorate. But I am familiar with the sorry record of the McConnels, Boehners and McHenrys. Voting en masse against the stimulus package was merely political theater. For me, the only rational response to this appeal for another shot at leadership is, “Not a Chance in Hell.”

Re: Shuler votes against stimulus, again

Mr. Shuler is apparently one of only eight democrats in the house not suffering from rectal-cranial inversion. The bill is 1,100 pages long. An aide with a good sense of humor could have added a provision granting pardons to martian gangsters, and it would have been approved.

Re: Shuler votes against stimulus, again

Schuler is right. I would have less heartburn over the Spendulous boondoggle if it was adequately reviewed. I do not accept the lies that this entire bill is a stimulus bill. It is a payback bill for unions and left wing kool-aid drinkers.

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