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Shuler, Foxx in lead in money race

If money is the mother’s milk of politics, then Congressmen Health Shuler, a Democrat, and Virginia Foxx, a Republican, are the two members of the Tar Heel delegation who are well provisioned at the moment.

Both have over $1 million in their campaign war chests as of June 30, according to campaign reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission, Rob Christensen reports.

Shuler, a Bryson City Democrat whose name had been bandied about at one time as a potential U.S. Senate candidate, had $1.1 million in his campaign committee. Foxx, a Republican from Banner Elk had $1,006,121.

The middle weights in campaign war chests were Democrat Bob Etheridge of Lillington ($895,137), Democrat Mike McIntyre of Lumberton ($696,540), Republican Howard Coble of Greensboro ($505,759), Democrat David Price of Chapel Hill ($271,619), Democrat G.K. Butterfield ($225,204), Democrat Larry Kissell of Bisco ($214,051) and Republican Sue Myrick of Charlotte ($160,751).

The light wallet crowd included Democrat Mel Watt of Charlotte ($123,767) Republican Patrick McHenry of Cherryville ($119,270), Republican Walter Jones of Farmville ($85,424) and Democrat Brad Miller of Raleigh ($70,654).

As far as fundraising during the past three months, the big three are Etheridge ($326,561), Kissell ($322,631) and Shuler ($314,753).


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Re: Shuler, Foxx in lead in money race

BitterEXdemocrat, do you know what a "safe seat" looks like and have you ever used all caps to scream at one?

Re: Shuler, Foxx in lead in money race

WNC is challenging Heath Shuler to conduct OPEN FORUMs for folks to question him on the healthcare issue...he was on the radio today on live interview and it was clear he is clueless about it...

WHEN, Heath, are you going to face WE the PEOPLE in WNC on healthcare? You have the whole month of August to do so...we need at least 3-4 different forums in the 11th district!

WHEN? tell us, 'leader'...

Re: Shuler, Foxx in lead in money race

I don't know about "unresponsive" because I'm sure if you said "I want something" Brad Miller would respond "but that doesn't help me" ...

So I'm talking about raising money and if G. K. Butterfield raises more than you...

Ate a peanut, ate a peanut, ate a peanut, just now...
Just now I ate a peanut and Brad Miller still sucks.

Rhyming is for Repubicans.

Re: Shuler, Foxx in lead in money race

I agree with Gigglebox - he might be the most unresponsive Congressperson in the entire South!

Fight, fight, fight!

I was getting sick of Brad Miller's BS anyway.

Instead of adding a seat after the census, can we eliminate one?

With Xtreme Prejudice!

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