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Should the Obama camp pull out of North Carolina?

Despite the presidential visits and big ad spending, FiveThirtyEight blogger Nate Silver at The New York Times makes the case that "North Carolina just isn't that important to the electoral math."

His statistical models suggest Obama has just a one in three chance of winning the state in November. Silver suggests Democrats and Republicans are making "an analytical error" in focusing so keenly on North Carolina, which he rates the 13th most important state in this year's election.

"The most important states in the electoral math are not those that are closest in an absolute sense, but rather those that are closest to the national average," he writes.

Silver uses his data to make the case that Democrats and Republicans will likely abandon North Carolina later in the campaign season: "We aren’t likely to see either campaign pull out of the state before the Democratic convention in early September — but unless the polls in North Carolina begin to show leads for Mr. Obama on a more consistent basis, it will probably be among the first on the chopping block." 


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Thank you, RockyRoad!! I'm

Thank you, RockyRoad!! I'm glad there is still a voice of reason in this state!!! What scares me so much, is no matter how many FACTS you throw at the radical right, they don't seem to get it!!

What polls are you reading?

You must inhabit the same Alice in Wonderland area with Nancy Pelosi.

The Republicans are leading in polls that will generate a solid 25 - 35 seat majority in the House.   They lead in picking up three seats in the Senate and only need one more to take the Senate away from the Democrats, and the polls remain a toss up for the White House.

What polls are you reading?

So now NC isn't that important to Obama

Funny how his supporters figured that out when the polls turned against their candidate.  More like convenient.

Nearly spewed my coffee...

when a saw the headline above!   NC was never going to be in for Obongo.  He is

overspending by millions...I drive by the  OFA 2012  office 2-3 times a week and never more than a couple cars there.  Quiet spots on the landscape...yawn.


NO, RockyRoad...the MOST EVIL FORCE that CONTROLS US is the criminal NC Democrat Party.  THEY are the criminal organization that needs to be shut down as they are the political mafia.

Hope & Change

The most surprising aspect of the 2012 Presidential election is that there is a contest at all.  After Obama's victory in 2008 I figured that his reelection would be a walk in the park.  Who would have ever thought that he would have to campaign at all?

Let the gnashing of the

Let the gnashing of the teeth begin.  The Democratic party thought NC was important enough to hold their campaign here and Dear Leader has been pouring a fortune into ads and infrastructure.  Now, suddenly, NC is not part of the election roadmap to 270 electoral votes.

LOL, the dominos are starting to fall.  Next up will be Colorado.  Even Michigan, with all of those paid-off UAW workers, is in play.  America has figured out that all that hope and change stuff was pure campaign rhetoric, and that obama is just a brass-knuckles Chicago politico looking to build an empire. 





I suspect the Obama Administration has already figured NC has gone nuts.  The fervor over whether he wins or loses is akin to watching squirrels walk on power lines.  North Carolinians tend to think they had a say in the previous election; they didn't.  13000 plus votes meant nothing.

Should they?

Of course not. Nor will they.

North Carolina NEVER was

North Carolina NEVER was significant to an Obama electoral college vistory.  The Obama campaign simply is making Romney defend the state.  Now the Romney campaign has seen that they are in trouble in North Carolina, largely because of the demographic shift since 2008, and are calling on SC, TENN, GA and MISS governors for campaign assistance.  North carolina will be close in 2012 but it may be too late for Romney.  His failure to disclose his taxes is DEVASTING to his election chances.

The GOP pros know that the Presidency is lost, the Senate is very unlikely to go GOP and the House is in jeopardy.  They are turning their attention to holding the House.

As much as the oblamer ads

As much as the oblamer ads sicken me, I'd rather see his campaign continue to spend that money in NC where he has no prayer of winning.  And I want to see NC reject this president without his supporters falling back on some lame excuse that he didn't try hard to win NC.

Come on, barak, nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina..............

Maybe Nate should look at

Maybe Nate should look at the polls from Colorado showing Romney ahead and then get his calculator out.

Don't lay down before you stand up!

I don't doubt Nate Silver's analysis that NC "just isn't that important" his way of thinking.

But, the state has 15 votes which might come in handy if things go wrong elsewhere.

More importantly, NC is on the edge of falling into the dark pit of a Republican controlled government at the state level. We all know what harm that will bring to the people of this state, slip sliding it's way to a likeness of Mississippi one dumb law at a time. We need some help around here to prevent that.

The Democratic Party needs to get a spine and some will power to fight the radical craziness of the Republican Party here, over there and everywhere.

Do we really want our kids to think dinosaurs existed just like in the Flintstone cartoon? That the ocean can be held back by legislative edict? That only rich people have rights?

I think NC is worth fighting for, don't you?

Oh me....

Oh me.... oh my!

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