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Sharia law's tie to North Carolina

What North Carolina company wanted to use Islamic Sharia law? A: The private military contractor Blackwater.

On Thursday, the state House has passed a bill to eliminate the use of Sharia law in North Carolina. Opponents of Sharia like Rep. John Blust of Greensboro say Islamic law threatens to how North Carolinians marry, divorce and determine child custody: “It’s creeping, but it is stated within those who are pushing it, that is their goal: to have this type of law rule the world."

The former North Carolina company Blackwater had a different aim in mind back in 2006. They wanted to use Sharia to escape responsibility for a botched flight that killed three soldiers and the flight crew. Under Sharia law, employers are not liable for harm done by their employees. Federal judges opted to stick with U.S. law, despite the company's entreaties. Blackwater and its insurers settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount. --Joseph Neff, staff writer


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