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Shakespeare revised: Tax all the lawyers

The state's largest teachers association has a way to fill the budget gap: tax the lawyers.

That money should be used to replace cuts in school funding, the N.C. Association of Educators said in its most recent bulletin.

The association argues that there's no tax on hiring a lawyer to write up a will or other legal document, but the state slaps 8 percent on the purchase of legal software to do it yourself. Lawyers' fees are among the services, many of them geared toward wealthier taxpayers, that go untaxed, the group said in its most recent bulletin.

NCAE is backing efforts by some legislators to include various services under the sales tax. Sen. Dan Clodfelter, a Charlotte Democrat, and others are pushing a tax modernization plan that includes a variety of services. (For example: there's no tax on lawn service but there is if you buy a lawn mower to cut your own grass.)

"Sensible tax restructuring, saves a generation of students from overcrowded classrooms, compromised instruction, and broken promises to our communities," said NCAE Vice President Rodney Ellis.


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NCAE Think Tank

Didn't the NCAE just endorse Cal? And now they want to tax him?

The NCAE Tax Plan

"Sensible tax restructuring, saves a generation of students from overcrowded classrooms, compromised instruction, and broken promises to our communities," said .....

Or teaching our children to live within their there a more important lesson?

what a great idea

wow. never heard this idea before. but since its "for education and the children" guess its a good idea now.

pretty funny

So we have the teacher's association telling the legislature who to tax so they can have more funding. That is pretty rich. After the teacher's association solves the legislature's problems maybe they will do something with the heartache of psoriasis.

Go figure...

and this taxing idea is coming from a group who lists their #3 Student Achievement issue as repealing the ban on collective bargaining...
Student Achievement:
 Ensure that all school employees have direct involvement in decision making at the building and school district levels. Issues should include, but not be limited to, budgeting issues, staffing decisions, and scheduling.
 Ensure the enforcement of the School Improvement Team legislation.
 Support the repeal of G.S. 98-95, which prohibits collective bargaining by any public entity in North Carolina.

another idea

How about if we streamline education. Get rid of several layers of administration. How many secretaries does a central office need? I got to believe that with all spent on public education there is a way to save a buck or two.

Then after they have shown how bright they are they come back with more reasons to raise taxes.

Hey, I have a better idea,

Hey, I have a better idea, get rid of the unions.

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