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Sewell hosting Perdue fundraiser

Sewell fundraiserLt. Gov. Beverly Perdue said today she supports a State Ethics Commission investigation into an N.C. Board of Transportation member's steering of roughly $375,000 of public money to projects adjacent to properties that he or his son co-owned at the time.

But she was unclear about whether she intends to attend a fundraiser that the board member, Louis Sewell, is hosting for her Thursday night.

"I need to think about that," Perdue told The Charlotte Observer's Jim Morrill.

According to a copy of the invitation, the event is being held at Sewell's home in Jacksonville at 5:30 p.m. Perdue, a New Bern Democrat, has confirmed that Sewell is a fundraiser for her gubernatorial campaign.

On Sunday, The News & Observer reported the connections between Sewell and his son's real estate interests and Sewell's efforts to secure public money for transportation projects. Sewell has said he only sought the funding to take care of the public's interest.

Perdue did not answer whether she would reappoint Sewell to the board if she is elected governor.

"Lord have mercy," she said. "I'm trying to win the governor's race."

Update: W. Douglas Parsons, an attorney in Clinton, said this afternoon that the fundraiser has been canceled.

"I think it is in the best interest of my family and everybody involved to cancel the event," Sewell said in a statement forwarded by Sewell.

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In one case, the money went to improvements at a busy, accident-prone interesection; in the other a road was patched where a new elementary school and residential community opened.

Transportation Secretary Lyndo Tippett, at Gov. Mike Easley's encouragement, referred the matter for investigation. State law requires transportation board members to refrain from seeking money for projects that might directly benefit them.

Perdue said she read The N&O's report, and said she was "saddened and stunned and I am very supportive of what I was told yesterday, that it be referred to an ethics commission. We can't afford to have any public official or appointed official under the scrutiny that doesn't stand up to the light of the day."

Perdue appeared to not know that Sewell was holding a fundraiser for her. In response to Morrill's question, she turned to an aide who confirmed that the event was scheduled.

"The fundraiser's in Jacksonville and as I understand there are a lot of folks who are doing the fundraiser ... and so I'm very hopeful that I will keep the commitments I've made on the coast," she said.

Her opponent in the governor's race, Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory, continued to press the issue Tuesday. He has called for Perdue to return all contributions given by Sewell and his son, Billy, over the past eight years.

"Even sadly today there are newspaper articles about DOT board members who are putting roads through property they own and no one knew about it," McCrory said. "Yet those same people are giving fundraisers to gubernatorial candidates. That's the type of mistrust and inefficiency we can no longer afford in North Carolina. I want to take the politics out of DOT."



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Re: Sewell hosting Perdue fundraiser

"Real America: you are the most simple minded person on this board."

On the contrary, personal insults like this are debate tactics used by simple-minded people, and most who read this understand that. When you lead with something like this, all of your points that follow are tainted by it.

Re: Sewell hosting Perdue fundraiser

Real America: you are the most simple minded person on this board. Please explain a few statements to me or do you not have the ability to think for yourself.

"McCain and Palin lie constantly in their desparate attempt to get elected and maintain the GOP grip on our economic policy (disaster), domestic policy (disaster), foreign policy (disaster)."



AS FAR AS FOREIGN POLICY - The Administration's surge is working, so what is wrong with that.

Also, in case you have only been watching CNN - the surge in Iraq is working BUT Obama is the one trying to meet with Iraqi officials and ask them to sabotage the surge.

"Liddy Dole is part of the problem. She is a do-nothing and yet amazingly ineffective no-show senator from Kansas/DC who fails to represent NC and who has no energy or vision for the future."

Dole sits on the banking committee and the armed services committee - North Carolina's largest employers are the military and the banking community.

Is Liddy Dole getting the money that Obama is from Frannie Mae or Freddic Mac?


Elizabeth Dole wanted to fix that problem, but the DEMOCRATS stopped it.

I think that is vision.

Speaking of special interest. There are few union jobs in NC and we should fight to keep it this way, but KAY HAGAN HAS SOLD HER SOUL TO CHUCK SCHUMER AND THE LEFT WING LIBERALS, AND WILL SELL OUT NORTH CAROLINA TO THE UNIONS.


Re: Just refuting RAT lies

RAT's easier to type, so that's what I'll use.

I have no problem voting the bums out, RAT. The bums that control the General Assembly, the Governor's mansion, and the current Congress.

Iraq was a starting point to change the middle east. If you have done your research, which I'm sure you have, you'd know about the Blessed July and when Saddam opened up his facilities for any terrorist group that wanted to use them. Were the Iraqi people going to say anything? Of course not, they were threatened every minute of their lives. Prior to the invasion, most of what you call "lies" were actually weapons moved to Syria with the help of Russia, and I know GIs that have returned and knew this information first hand. Their complaints were that President Bush didn't use this information when it was found. Democrats you seem so fond of wanted to pull the troops and pull the money from Iraq since 2006 - before the surge. Now that the surge has worked so well, how many New York Slimes stories have there been on Iraq and why doesn't war coverage lead the evening news shows anymore? It wouldn't be because things are (gasp) improving now, would it? Now we have Afghanistan becoming the latest rally cry from Democrats. I think more than anything else, the trouble in Afghanistan shows why we can't rely on other nations to stay vigilant in trouble spots. They allowed the country to deteriorate and now we're going to have to clean it up. Maybe the Democrats will want to win this battle for a change.

Finally, methinks you only talk about the foreign policy since you don't really know much about North Carolina. Whoever sent you - one of the lefty blogs, I'm presuming - needs to feed you some more local talking points since that's the focus of this blog. Maybe the BlueNC guys can help you out in the meantime.

Just refuting GOP lies

read the blog - you'll see that I am addressing GOP talking point lies raised by your fellow dittoheads. Another lie is that we are fighting terrorists "there" so we don't have to fight them here. First of all, Bush/Cheney/Rice/Rumsfeld/Powell ignored a memo a month before 9/11/01 that warned of terrorist attack by aircraft. Second, the terrorists were part of the Taliban and Bin Laden organizations in Afghanistan. Iraq had nothing to do with it. So, Bush invaded... Iraq. Based on lies. With Iraq destabilized, NOW it is a potential starting point for terrorism. But it wasn't before. If anything, Saddam was a secular nationalist, not a jihadist. These facts are not in dispute. But y'all in the GOP were never good at understanding them "furriners." Then Bush said we won't engage in "nationbuilding." So, of course, like all GOP lies, we're nation building. Democrats are saying we need to do the job in Afghanistan, which the GOP has ignored ever since the misadventures started in Iraq. Republicans lie - locally (McCrory, Dole) and nationally (McCain/Palin). Enough already. Vote the bums out.

Re: Sewell hosting Perdue fundraiser

Military bases are pretty much federal government decisions, I don't think Bev Perdue could walk and chew gum at the same time without asking an adviser if it was ok. Funny how McCrory "took Duke Energy paychecks" when that is usually what happens between an employer and employee. Maybe he had direct deposit. It's pretty handy. Mayoral jobs are still "part-time" jobs in NC, although one could argue a city like Charlotte or Greensboro or Raleigh could easily be a full-time job. Maybe McCrory should have just secluded himself in a house, held meetings in secret, and make bribery deals like our esteemed current Governor. Bev Perdue's sure had some great role models in Jim Hunt and Mike Easley. The same old hands running the same old campaign. Be honest, there is nothing that makes you want to vote for Bev Perdue other than her party ID.

More Real_Americans_Think nonsense

At least try to stay on topic, chief. I guess you haven't gotten any Perdue talking points yet. We'll wait.

Leave it to McCrory to chime-in like his idol George Bush.

Leave it to McCrory to chime-in like his idol/fundraiser George Bush. Right off the Karl Rove script! When you have no substance, "Smoke screen, Smoke screen, Smoke screen." No one can babysit every supporter. Ridiculous effort by McCrory to talk about ANYTHING and everything EXCEPT North Carolina. Anything to keep from talking about the unprecedented growth of this state and economic vibrance which 80% of this country would kill for. The stable AAA bond rating, the 3-straight years of voted the #1 state to do business by MONEY Magazine. SURE... let's elect a George Bush diciple and bring Bush/Rove sleeze politics from Washington DC oozing down to North Carolina. We all know how well that- has done this country. North Carolina as will NOT be the new "residence" for the Bush team which currently runs McCrory's campaign. NO THANKS. Bev Perdue has fought the tough fight and emerged a dynamic leader in the Senate. As Lt. Governor, when this state's military bases were threatened with closure- BEV PERDUE stood up and took the leadership for this state and led a bipartisan coalition which resulted in more jobs and more military personnel in North Carolina! McCrory.... spent 20 years taking paychecks from DUKE POWER ENERGY COMPANY, broke ties on votes of the city council and watched the CITY MANAGER run Charlotte. We don't need another pretty face. We need a proven fighter who can handle all branches of government. Bev has the vision, the strength and will be an outstand Governor. Looking forward to it.

More GOP lies

A typical talking point from the right-wing ranters is that everything should be blamed on the "Democratic Congress." This fails to acknowledge at least three key factual aspects of reality: (1) We had Bush plus Republican Congresses for 6 years, during which Bush took us to a war in Iraq based on lies, did nothing during Katrina, etc.; (2) the financial crisis has its roots in Reagan-era deregulation and malignant neglect by the Bush Administration; (3) Republicans hold enough seats in the U.S. Senate to fillibuster to kill bills. Perhaps many of you don't understand this, but in the Senate there must be a majority vote of 60 or more members in order to end debate on a bill. Thus, the do-nothing Republicans prevent progressive legislation by fillibustering and refusing to end debate - they've done this ***90*** times since January 2007. Plus, as you know (I hope) the President has to sign legislation into law. We have Still President Bush in office. McCain votes 90% with Bush. Thus, Republicans still pretty much control the show and will continue to do so under McCain. The MASSIVE damage done by the lying incompetent GOP needs to be met with a MASSIVE change - vote the bums out!

The True Horror

The True Horror would be another 4 years of GOP incompetence and lying in the White House. McCain and Palin lie constantly in their desparate attempt to get elected and maintain the GOP grip on our economic policy (disaster), domestic policy (disaster), foreign policy (disaster). You don't reward a party of lying incompetents by giving them more time in office. You vote them out. Liddy Dole is part of the problem. She is a do-nothing and yet amazingly ineffective no-show senator from Kansas/DC who fails to represent NC and who has no energy or vision for the future. She learned from her husband how to sell out at high prices to big special interests, like the oil industry. Being U.S. Senator is not an entitlement. McCrory is another typical GOP specimen who wants to use taxpayer dollars to line the pockets of corporations, divert tax money from public to private schools, and cut taxes at a time when state revenues are dropping. Since by law the budget must be balanced, this means massive cuts in state government services, which simply means deferring costs to future taxpayers (your kids, grandkids) for basic infrastructure while the state goes down the drain. No, we really don't need more of the same from the failed GOP cast of incompetents. Time for a change. A MASSIVE change in response to the MASSIVE damage that the GOP has done to this country.

Perdue's tough decision re: fundraiser

Beverly, I know that you were having difficulty making a decision about attending a fundraiser that was to be hosted by Louis Sewell in his home while at the same time, you and Easley were throwing him under the bus for questionable dealings as one of you all's appointees. But aren't you glad that Sewell volunteered to cancel the fundraiser so you would not have to go public with that difficult and possibly damaging decision. Whew, you dodged another big one there!

However, are you planning to keep all of those contributions that are perhaps linked to questionable dealings so that "you can keep all of those commitments that you have made on the coast"? Can you share with us what commitments you have promised to your contributors? Given your track record, these promises to your contributors probably cannot stand up to the intense scutiny that you demand of other public officials (appointed or elected)

Re: Sewell hosting Perdue fundraiser

The entire Democratic ticket in North Carolina is horrible (Obama, Hagan, Perdue). The inability of people to see through the smoke and mirrors of all three campaigns is beyond me.

Obama: His campaign is nothing short of the Daley era politics of Chicago, using intimidation and outright dishonesty to paint a fictitious portrait of McCain and Palin. If you are willing to take ten minutes and read a compelling article...This shows that

Hagan: There are numerous issues that she has not been forthright to the citizens.
1. The inability of North Carolinians to see that North Carolina is being bought by America's most liberal elite (Al Gore,, plus the DSCC, who label Dole as ineffective YET are spending over $10 million dollars to defeat her)...Yes, these are the same Democratic Congressional leaders that are to be blamed for the current economic crisis.

2. Kay Hagan supports card check legislation, a pro-unionization tool, which would be economically devastating to numerous industries that call North Carolina home.

To name a few...


I think this message board speaks for itself.

it ain't a physical race, Bev

Lord have mercy, Bev. The Governor's race isn't a physical contest that ends with election in November. Bless her heart, she is a piece of work.

Re: Sewell hosting Perdue fundraiser

This is only the tip of the iceberg in Sewell Family Tradition of doing things their habit of mishandling other people's money. Dig deeper N&O!!!!

Next step: RETURN the tainted money!

Beverly is unbelievable. First, it takes her over 48 hours to even comment to the outrage caused by her relationship with one of her long time fundraisers/contributors and then her response to a reporter is, "I need to think about that." And right, she didn't even know that there was an upcoming fundraiser hosted just by Sewell. She must think that the newspapers and the citizens are idiots (and we are if we elect her!).

Next steps:
- Return all money raised from and by the Sewells
- Share an interim report of all contributors, particularly others associated with Boards of the DOT, ABC and University System - not just a week before the election
- Make a public statement that you would not reappoint Louis Sewell to the Board of Transportation
- Better yet, resign before you further embarrass our fine state

Re: Sewell hosting Perdue fundraiser

Omegaman, I implore you not to vote for Hagan. A 60 seat majority by democrats in the US Senate would be a disaster no matter who is President. You think we are spending too much killing terrorists, wait till the Democrats surrender overseas and we have to fight them here.

Also please note that Senator Dodd and Senator obama are the biggest recipients of money associated with the LOAN debacle.

Re: Sewell hosting Perdue fundraiser

She might as well just go. We all know she is in tight with the "Good Ole Boys", this Sewell clown would probably be the next Secretary of the DOT if she wins. Boy down east sure would have some fine roads.

Re: Sewell hosting Perdue fundraiser

'de Lawd have mercy', Ms Perdue! Now you jes go on down to Jax and sip some tea, and see what kind of promises you can make at taxpayer expense.

ask the attendees if they think you're REALLY qualified? ask them if they know how NC got to be so corrupt after 100+ years of democrat rule?

She said what about Jim Black yesterday?

Has she promised him the DOT Secretary Job?

Re: Sewell hosting Perdue fundraiser

Tsk tsk tsk Dumpling. For someone who takes pride at possibly being North Carolina's first woman governor, she is awfuly comfortable with the good ol boy network in Raleigh.

Hats off to the N&O for it's fine investigative journalism and exposing how Dumpling's ability to talk out of both sides of her face exceeds even that of the BlueNC types for hyperbole and silliness.

Re: Sewell hosting Perdue fundraiser

Ol' Bev Perdue seems to have a "memory of convenience". She lost my vote a long time ago when she started claiming responsiblity for "saving our military bases". Ditto for "I was born in Carolina" Dole. That's hard for me to sallow since the BRAC was set up as bi-partisan so as to element undue congressional and outside influences.

Re: Sewell hosting Perdue fundraiser

Dumpling is "going to think about that" ..... YIKES!

Well, thats an improvement over how Easley dealt with Jim Black, Thomas Wright, his own wife's mess and the umpteen other scandals involving his cronies.

You keep "thinking" Dumpling .... or just let Marc and Big Tony do it for you.

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