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Senate probe into Perdue letter continues

From AP: A North Carolina senator wants to hear from more state employees before deciding how to respond to Gov. Bev Perdue's administration officials changing letters from a Department of Transportation executive without his approval.

Sen. Tom Apodaca said Tuesday he's asking two transportation workers and Perdue Deputy Chief of Staff Kevin McLaughlin to visit the Senate Rules Committee on Wednesday and speak about letters sent this month to legislators about two toll road projects.

The letters attributed to DOT Chief Operating Officer Jim Trogdon appeared to reverse his earlier statement suggesting $63 million were not needed next year for the projects. Trogdon later disavowed the letters and said his digital signature had been added.

Apodaca said he wants the committee to decide Thursday what action - if any - to take.


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Someone told Pryor to go do it..WHO? He didn't just wake up one morning and think to go change an official DOT document. And the Democrats moaning about education, 63 million dollars would go a long way, hire 1200 teachers at that cost. But no,  we'd rather spend it on quesitonable road projects. Pull out all the stops here...privatize liquor sales, tax internet gambling, stop advertising the lottery..if people want to gamble they will anyway. The money is there, just being misused terribly for personal agendas. Government employment has grown at 2 1/2 times the rate of private sector, UNC professors in jail in Argentina on cocaine charges and we pay him $106,000 a year to do it?  Somethings are rotten in Raleigh and it is our fault for not investigating and correcting. Scandal...SBI lab, Highway Patrol, illegal campaigning...Time for McCrory, and it can't be too soon for this NC voter.

Can't believe

I cannot believe that this discussion is continuing. Pryor has "apologized" and admitted wrong doing. Seems like Perdue's people are looking to shift the blame. I actually had some respect for the Govenor's office when they accepted the blame, but now it looks like they are tying to defer.

right on the money

You are right on the money in your analysis of this situation. 100 yrs of democrat control in legislature, and only 2 republican governors in modern times. Its is unbelievable that we have only had a total of 12yrs under a republican governor in the history of this state and the democrats want to play the blame game???? They want to talk about ethics, after Easley, Black,Rand,Basnight,Edwards, and Bev???and that is just mentioning a few, I could type all night about corruption in Raleigh. They have had control for so long, they feel entitled, that nothing can change it. That the people are so gullible that they will fall for a few high priced attack ads on McCrory and Wally waltzes into the governor's mansion and its business as usual. Well I think CHANGE is coming to Raleigh. I think the people of all parties have had enough!!! McCrory is coming


Just follow the money, it will be a straight trail to who is behind the initiative to change the complete meaning of the official DOT letters. Who stands to benefit personally from the bridge and also the Gaston county parkway? Who has bought land around the exits and potentially would profit most from expediting their development. Barney Fife could figure this one out, but with past history of " Duh, I don't know, I didn't mean to, or I thought that is what he meant" being accepted, chances are slim anything will come out of it other than a slap on the hand. Got to protect the good ole boys, just as has happened in NC corrupt government for the last 100 years of Democratic  control. Time for McCrory.

I thought Bev was the culprit?

Bev continues to be the teflon governor as she is able to scapegoat folks at her leisure.  My hunch is that she was the only one to be paid off to get these projects budgeted this year.

I thought Pryor Gibson was the culprit?

Activate and fire.


Need to look at Kevin McLaughlin very hard. He is behind many serious issues in this administration since his boss is an empty suit.

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