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Legislature passes state budget

The state Senate passed a $20.2 billion budget for next year that Republican praised as fiscally sound but which Democrats argued short changes education. 

The Senate vote was 30-15 and the House vote was 71-45.

Read more about the budget in this article appearing in Friday's News & Observer.


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If People want to home

If People want to home school or pay for private schools, that's great. But it's clear to me the North Carolina GOP thinks having 30 kids per class room is fine. No wonder we are ranked like 37th in the world now.


If the governor vetoes this budget, which she may be dumb enough to, then they will in all likelihood revert back to the already approved budget that was passed in 2010. This budget is even less costly and would cost education more by not bankrolling expiring funds from the ARRA stimulus (why the state thought one-time funds could be used to create full-time positions baffles me). So, the governor will blow smoke to make the evil Republicans look bad, when in reality they are correcting the irresponsible policies from the most disliked governor in our Union, but I doubt she'd be dumb enough to veto. 

Veto-proof, maybe

If two or more House members were out, as happened today, then 71 votes would be enough to override the Governor's potential veto.

Sometimes I think that the

Democrats have nothing to use in political argument except scare-tactics and ad-hominem attacks. Listen, WilmingtonDemocrat (real unbiased persona btw), if you want less crowded  schools how about allowing for school choice and giving parents, not bureaucrats, the authority over the educations their children receive. If you want less traffic, how about lessening regulatory restrictions on privatized roads instead of relying on bankrupted governments with their own self-interest in mind. It's not immoral to be ignorant of economics, but it is immoral to spout off nonsense on subjects you clearly haven't analyzed from both positions. 

-Read a book 

Sometimes I think that the

Sometimes I think that the overiding goals of the GOP are to have crowded schools and sit in traffic jams on the highway. Of course if you are a staffer to Speaker Tillis, you are checking out the married lobbyists!

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