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Senate overrides Perdue budget veto

The state Senate voted 31 to 19 this afternoon to override Gov. Bev Perdue's veto of the state budget.

The House voted to override shortly after midnight today in a 73 to 46 vote.

The North Carolina Republican Party immediately sent out an email saying that  passage of the $19.7 billion budget fulfills promises Republicans made during the 2010 campaign to close the shortfall and to let the temporary sales and income taxes expire.


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State Educational Budget

Obviously, most of the comments are from folks who are not in the trenches in the education business.  I do agree with a comment about trade and vocational training. There is definitely a place in our schools for this but legislators haven't really done anything to brain storm and fund programs that could make education better for the masses.  With all the different academic and cultural backgrounds teachers and administrators aren't Gods who can do and be everything to every student. It would be interesting to have a reality show where people come into a classroom to teach and see how long they last and what the results are. It is easy to throw stones when you are on the outside looking in. One of the biggest shortfalls from this GOP budget is the complete turning their backs on early childhood education that makes all the difference in leveling the playing field for all children entering kindergarten. Our state has been doing a wonderful job with 4 year olds and legislators had no problem dismanteling an educational program that works with lots of research to back this claim up. Keeping  the one cent sales tax would have helped education in a lot of ways but campaign promises were more important to this group of legislators than the future of many children in which quality programs in schools is their best opportunity in life!!! Changes are needed but legislators shouldn't be the ones making the changes without the people who are in the profession sitting beside them. Department of Public Instruction has been almost totally by-passed with their comments and how this state budget will negatively affect so many public school children and staff who have chosen to make a difference in life through teaching.  Lou Anne Shackelford

This is the best news I have

This is the best news I have heard all day. This tax-and-spend liberal governor is a one-term pro-abortion pagan. We elected this legislature to ensure fiscal responsibility, and with the veto override we have it. What a lie this will hurt education, it cuts staff (not teachers) and new textbooks (use the ones you bought last year). Defunding Planned Parenthood is the smartest cut of all-the lawbreakers should have never been funded in the first place.

"If things go south"

I think its funny when southerners use the phrase "when things go south" to denote a general decline in quality. It does seem to fit though...


"If things go south"

I think its funny when southerners use the phrase "when things go south" to denote a general decline in quality. It does seem to fit though...


Overide Vote

Funny thing, I rode past my daughter's middle school this afternoon and it was still there.  So was Elizabeth City State Diploma Mill, putting up another useless million-dollar building to gin out liberals arts majors to work at McDonalds.  I think the sun will keep rising.  About time this damned train ran off the tracks.

Our future...

is being determined by a group of self-congratulatory fools.

Explain something to me lefties...

How is it that in times past, fifty or so years ago and beyond, by the time students graduated from high school they were proficient in higher levels of math, the sciences, English, history and many other subjects  -- some of which are not even taught today. Like Latin. Like actual civics and geography and the arts beyond fingerpainting and playing the recorder.

And please don't give me that stale argument that there is so much more knowledge today than in years past. That might have worked in the late 1930s and 40s in the wake of the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions, but apart from adding one post- WW2 history course, and three or so more chapters in biology and chemisty, not much has changed at the ElHI level since the late 1950s. College? Yes. High school, no.

For many decades (until blacks were once again enslaved by the Great Society,) Dunbar High in Washington DC was one of the top ten schools in the nation -- public or private. They did it on a shoestring during the height of actual violent discrimination, not today's falsely perceived racism-on-every-corner attitude.

ElHi was funded by local counties with very little involvement by the state. Many teachers, especially at the upper grade levels, had advanced degrees in their field along with teacher training. I find it interesting that when teachers today go back to take classes in certification, they are taking education theory classes, not advanced courses in the field in which they teach. Seems like the underlying subject matter no longer matters.

Universities were places where serious students went to advance their knowledge and were not solely places to party, away from parent's prying eyes. They were designed to take those with a well-rounded high school education and allow them to specialize in the field of their choice -- after two more years of expanding their general knowledge base. Today's typical freshman and sophomore classes are what I had in 11th and 12 grade, yet universities and colleges STILL have to offer dozens of (overflowing) remedial courses in basic English, math and the sciences. What are those kids doing in college to start with?

We're now spending then of thousands of dollars per year per student (hey, don't forget your capital costs amortorized out) and yet we are graduating bevies of idiots presuming they even make it to the finish line?

My dad graduated high school at the age of 16 and in tenth grade. That's all that was needed to fully teach all subjects in 1937 and he had a more well-rounded education than I did. I graduated at 18 from 12th grade in 1974. My education by 10th grade had already surpassed what graduating seniors today are required to learn. And we were actually required to demonstrate proficiency to graduate, not just pass some pathetic standardized test that a monkey with a handful of darts could ace.

I taught at NCSU in the 90s. Fully half my students were not prepared to have been advanced into 10th grade let alone attend college. Many of them had difficulty with addition, division and fractions -- forget about geometry, trig, and calculus. More than half could not write a cohesive paper with weeks of preparation. Forget about extemp writing or debate. They had no clue regarding the history of their own country, let alone the history of science and technology. And those were the cream of the crop after dropouts, failures, expelled violent kids, losers, slackers, and pregnant drug addicts were already weeded out.

All of that was accomplished with far less money than is spent today even counting for inflation. Way less.

When the parents don't care, when the teachers are not qualified in their field (though they know every latest teaching theory and technique,) when the system makes so little academic demands of the kids, just what do you expect? And so help me if I hear one more public school teacher protesting on TV who can barely be understood because his or her English is so poor, I am going to scream.

I would far rather spend much less on public education, recognizing that a goodly percentage of kids born are destined to be laborers and menial workers than try to educate everyone as if they were to be Rhodes scholars. I would rather put MORE money into training kids in trades so they could stand on their ownas adults as opposed to assuming that every kid is destined for a college degree. Because they are not. Not by a long shot.

So why keep up the pretense and why keep paying for it?

Thank God!

Thank God!

No matter what the spin...

The budget belongs to the Republican Senate and House....time will tell.

Democrats are to blame for poor ranking

If NC is ranked near the bottom, then the question needs to be asked of who has been in charge for over the past over 100 years? Since it has been Democrats, should they not be held responsible for this poor performance? 

Won't be getting my vote

Mr. Moore - good luck, but you won't be getting my vote, and I do vote.

Malicious Budget belongs solely tothe GOP

The first Republican-crafted state budget in 100 years was sent to the governor and vetoed as deserved. The Republican assault on our educational foundation and moral fiber is intolerable.

The new leadership attempted to misappropriate taxpayer money for self-interests, devastate the justice system and press property tax increases upon every homeowner with unspecific mandated funding cuts.

Gov. Bev Perdue’s veto protected our public school systems, higher education needs, environmental resources and jobs creation. The GOP budget and legislation introduced to date is a dire travesty to all of North Carolina and presents an imminent threat to our economy.

I don’t want this state to go backward under these extreme GOP policies or a devastating agenda that somebody like Pat McCrory would certainly usher in.

Our state owes its success to Govs. Jim Hunt and Beverly Perdue and can’t go backward with a divisive and corrupt Republican budget agenda. With more vetoes to come, I urge North Carolinians to support Governor Bev Perdue.

David W. Moore
NCGA District 73, 2012

The writer is a candidate, District 73, N.C. General Assembly.

A nice little quote from John Adams


"The whole people must take upon themselves the education of the whole people and be willing to bear the expenses of it. There should not be a district of one mile square, without a school in it, not founded by a charitable individual, but maintained at the public expense of the people themselves."

– John Adams, 1785

In Name Only

The teachers will swear that they do not belong to a union...but by any other name it is a lobbying entity, dues collecting entity and a mediator for teacher's issues. I respect that they rightfully claim the NCEA is not a union, but by any other name, they sure react like one.

I have stated here many times, I wish we'd pay teachers who show genius and strong skills in education, like high student college entrance exams and also based on low drop out rates so I am specific. I think those teachers are worth a hundred thousand vs. less for someone who shows weak teaching skills, like high drop outs and weak entrance exam scores...over a 5-8 year period to, again, be specific.

Just drop the issue of what the NCEA is, because they wield strong political power with the vote and the lobby. That's fair.

If everything goes south

If everything goes south on this budget, it is going to be clear that it was a Republican bill. And I can't see how it is structured to make anything better.  It is clear a lot of public sector jobs are on the line, so will the private sector make up for that?  A report on small businesses says that over half are anticipating letting people go.  

Stop Whining

Is it too much to ask parents to kick in a little more out their own pocket to help pay for their own kid's education?  Why is it that the more value a product or service has, the more many people think that it should be provided to them for "free"?   Perhaps folks who are well enough off can give up a couple of nights out to dinner or put off the purchase of the latest i-phone so that they can help pay for books or extra ciricular activities for their kids.  Certainly there are some parents who can't afford to pay ANY more so make sure that the tax funding that is available covers their needs first.  Maybe the NEA can could even divert a few million $ in dues revenue that they would otherwise donate to the Demokrat party.

Not good for Bev

With all due respect, Governor Perdue is a disaster as a Governor. She does not seem to be in the real world. I guess she does have some support, but I think most people from NC are not agreeing with her decisions. From my point of view it is not good to have a weak Governor in NC no matter what party they belong to, so this veto override is not a good thing. Maybe her veto was only a political stunt? I think she is in over her head, and needs to be replaced ASAP. 


It's NCAE. And one of the primary functions of a union is collective bargaining, which NC teachers are not allowed to do.


Go to this web site:

No, not a legal one. The NCEA performs the same function as a traditional teacher's union and is affiliated with the Largest Union in the country - The NEA.

Get your facts straight

NC does not have a teacher's union. 

The adults are finally running our General Assembly

They handed Gov Grandstand her hat today.

She looks ever more incompetent.


Good! I can't wait to veto

I can't wait to veto Bev Purdue in the next election!

CUT SOME MORE! Its a good start!

Glad that FINALLY some meaningful LEADERSHIP has surfaced in the Legislature after

140+ years of total democrackkk domination, oppression and corruption!   

Now, let's SHUT DOWN the NCAE!

Send them a picture of the

Send them a picture of the NC Education Lottery, too. Send them a picture of the Billion dollar surplus this State had in 2001 and how the last bunch of legislators and the last 2 Governor's wasted it. Don't forget that.

Per pupil spending is a myth

NYS spends the most on education per pupil (18K, with 12K going just to teacher's salaries and benefits).  Their graduation rate is 75%... NC's is 78%. Tell me again how more $$$ = better graduation rates?

A good start...

Per the Governor, this budget is the doom of education in NC; yet, it's only 1.8% below what she wanted.

You got the lottery passed to help education, and then turned around and diverted part of the money away from schools.

Per the Governor, it all would have been fixed for a penny; other than failing to let the "temporary" sales tax expire hits the disadvantaged the most.

Well, Governor, the state's spending is up almost 60% over the last 7 years. That's a 60% greater raise than most of the private sector got.

Senate Over rides veto

For many years I was a Democrat as most others in North Carolina, And the rest of Dixie.. They all voted Democratic because Lincoln was a Republican.. But the Civil War has been over for a century and a half..and the Democratic Party has changed. into a lot of weak members who can't make it in the private sector and depend on those who depend on Government handouts.. Now that we are broke they still issue Grants to groups who are not in the best interest of america...there are many other places that cuts should be made including the Arts.. However while all these unnecessary cuts are being made it is time also to level the trading field on global trade. where we have lost our shirts. and no recovery is possible with out that.. We have had nothing but deficits since 2000.. in other words we need income.besides depending on cuts alone.

Glad to hear it

It's about time our government stop continually spending more!  It is not Art Pope these people are pleasing, it is people who are fed up with spend spend spend and giving the teacher's union everything they want.  When they don't get it they always cry out how badly the children will be hurt.  The best thing for the children would be for thee to be no NCAE and their liberal indoctrination programs stopped.  

Bev said it would be a giant step backward.  Well that depends on which direction you are looking.  If this is a step backward from a liberal, progressive, or socialist agenda, I am all for that direction.  Let's take a few more steps backward then.

A great day!

2012 Election

2012 is right around the corner. I look forward to sending these sociopaths packing.

Passing the budget

First time I can remember (and I'm 77 years old) that "educators" failed to get most of what they wanted, and I believe general education has gone down hill for around 50 years.  More money without major overhauling the system would be just a waste.  This may be a wake up call for "education", I hope so.

Don't worry guys, this bill

Don't worry guys, this bill will CREATE jobs!


Oh, wait...hundreds of teachers were laid off TODAY on this news? So that means MORE unemployed because of the actions of these republicans and a few gutless democrats? 


And now we're LAST in per pupil education spending? 


Remember all this when you go to the polls next time...


Maybe Art Pope and his cronies are happy now...Sad day for North Carolina and don't tell me if I don't like NC, move on.  I am not going anywhere but I will do as much as I can to get rid of his boys. They are only thinking about how to get reelected. NC (and US) should have term limits for anyone elected to the general assembly,  Cut the terms for all of our elected general assembly member to two - two year terms.  This goes for democrats as well as republicans. Power and greed  is the name of the game.  Cut them all off at the knees. This would help get politicans in office who really give a damn  for someone other than themselves. 

4 posts right out of the

4 posts right out of the NCAE script...

Today is a sad day for all

Today is a sad day for all of NC's youth. I would like to send them a picture of each student these CRIMINALS have now let down.

Last In The Nation

Here we go, right to last in the nation on per-student education spending.  Right behind Mississippi.  A shameful day for all North Carolinians.

How sad...

Our North Carolina representatives are willing to decrease the budget on the backs of children, the very people they should be protecting.


The first year North Carolina gets above national average in High School Graduation percentage, we lay off teachers.  All for 1%??????

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