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Senate candidates 'spinning' over election results

So voters in three states appeared to come out strong against incumbents Tuesday.

How's should a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in North Carolina react?

Well if you're Cal Cunningham, former state senator and relative newby, you might release a statement that says something like this:

"Tonight's results show that Americans are tired of the same career politicians and they're ready for a new generation of leadership. Here in North Carolina, my campaign has risen from 37 points behind in the polls to pull into a tie with a 14-year statewide office-holder."

If you're that 14-year office holder, Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, you might say something like "hogwash." Or you'd at least have your chief consultant do it. Thomas Mills, noted that in Pennsylvania, Sen. Arlen Specter, a five term incumbent, was defeated by a sitting member of the U.S. House of Representatives. The only real newcomer who did well yesterday was Rand Paul, who won the Republican nomination for Senate in Kentucky, Mills said.

"Cal Cunningham has once again misread the electorate and the election. Voters in states across he nation chose proven leaders like Congressman Joe Sestak with the backbone to stand up to Washington insiders. The only new face in the crowd was Rand Paul. If Cal Cunningham wants to compare himself to a right-wing Tea-partier, that's fine with me."


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GREAT WIN by RAND PAUL in Kentucky!!!

60% of the vote ... and he's NEVER been in politics!!! Can you say

Nail on the head...

thanks Captsfufp! Mankind's need to make patterns where none really exits is what gave us the constellations, too.

The real story

The news media, in an attempt to create a common story thread, have to make 4 separate elections somehow (somehow!) tell the same story. Sestak over Specter, Rand win, Dem wins special Penn. election, and Lincoln in a run-off.

Okay...well, the GOP takeover story hasn't really panned out, so can't rely on that one b/c of the Penn. special election results with a Democrat winning in a conservative district. So what else...oh, anti-incumbency! Yes, voters want to throw the bums out! ... except Specter was running for a Democrat for the first time, and only switched parties b/c he couldn't win the GOP primary. So...he was out-Democrated by a real Democrat, who is also a DC incumbent. And there was no incumbent in Pa. special election or Ky GOP primary. And Sen. Lincoln actually won, but just couldn't get to 50% in a 3-person race. Hmm, can't use that. I know, I know...this was a referendum on Obama, and he lost! B/c he said that he endorsed Specter, but..then never really campaigned for him, and only said that to help induce Specter to switch parties. And the voters picked the more liberal candidate (Sestak) over the moderate (Specter). So...can't use that one.

Maybe there were just a bunch of different elections with their own individual quirks and issues that have relatively little in common? ...nah, couldn't be that!

Vast and Inefffective DSCC

Once again, the Washington based DSCC has shown themselves to be out of touch with local Democrats. The DSCC was sadly beaten in Massachusetts, happily beaten in Pennsylvania and they, along with Cal Cunningham, will be soundly beaten in North Caroina. They just don't get it, Democratic voters decide who represents them, not Washington!

turning up the heat

Last night's election was bad news for Marshall. The DSCC will certainly turn up the heat on her after the losses last night. It will put more pressure on them to win in North Carolina. All the focus and the vast power of the DSCC will be on defeating Marshall.

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