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Senate candidate to join pro marijuana rally

Libertarian Senate candidate Mike Beitler is scheduled to address a rally Saturday in Raleigh that is lobbying for legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes, according to organizers.

The N.C. Cannabis Patients Network is planning a rally at 10 a.m. on Halifax Mall to push for use of marijuana to help relieve pain. Some 17 states now allow it, and a bill has previously been introduced in the legislature.

The N.C. Cannabis Patients Network has endorsed Beitler, a business professor in Greensboro.

“We must decriminalize marijuana,” Beitler said in a statement on his website. “The war on marijuana has wasted billions of dollars and destroyed the lives of many young people.

“Keeping marijuana illegal tragically keeps profits high for drug cartels,” Beitler added. “Our current drug policy is bankrupting the government, overcrowding our prisons, and rewarding drug cartels with big profits.”


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The world wonders.....

You can stick a needle in the the head of a almost newborn baby and sucks it's brains out...

but GOD FORBID you smoke a weed you can grow in your garden....


Medical Marijuana deserves much more coverage

Recently, a dear friend of mine died after 3 sessions of chemotherapy.  He did not have medical marijuana.  If he had been given medical marijuana, he would be alive today.  The shame and guilt lies directly on the medical establishment.  The doctors, nurses and researchers collaborate in the deliberate denial of good medicine to the sick and dying patients inflicted with cancer and other grave diseases.  Shame on the medical establishment of North Carolina.   North Carolinians deserve access to Medical Marijuana just like so many other peoples of other nations in our hemisphere.

In reply to taxation

Taxes are evil on many levels, and then again on other levels not. If our tax dollars were spent on responsible things, taxation would be a great program.. But we all know the BIG GOVT. we have now overspends, lives cushy lifestyles while we, The Amercian People, are out here struggling through the financial mess these high rollers have created for their little worker ants.

Taxation like a knife, is a double edged sword... can be used for good or evil. Those of us who use Cannabis as medicine do not mind paying taxes if it will stop the violence against our families, young children and loved ones because of OUR choosing Cannbis to treat our conditions. And what a lot of people do not concieve, is that someone who is sick, like me, with a terminal tumor, you need what we call medical grade... 13% THC or higher to affect cancer cells and heal the body. Mexican Cartel WEED is not medicine, and might as well be thrown in the trash.

For the recreational user, the higher grades are not necessary, although they like it, and when a rec user sees medical Cannabis, it blows their mind, and even some say " That's not marijuana". But oh yes it is, and is a lifegiving substance to sick people.

As I said, I don't think anyone, Recreational or Medical User minds at all paying taxes and transforming the criminal eliment of this plant and ending the insane war on non-violent, non life-threatening use of a God given Plant. It is our right to die with dignity and honor. Taking prescription drugs for me turned me into someone I did not know........... Cannbis restored my sanity, threw my tumor into remission, and has allowed me to be an active member of society... something I was not taking Oxycontin for the pain. The truth is in the patient testimonies... you can find hundreds on youtube.... and these people are not lying. We have people who have cured diseases ranging from cancer, hepatitis, arterial schlerosis, and diabetes control with Cannabis Oil, a high potency extract of Cannabis. This should be researched and replace the man made chemotherapy that kills more people than it helps.  Cannabis oil is the cure, chemo is only Cancer Treatment!!!! Stop wasting your donation dollars searching for the Cure bullcrap, and fight for your right to Gods Cancer Cure!!! Cannabis. Out of respect we use the REAL name for the slang term, " marijuana " which is what the Hispanics named it years ago.

Mike Beitler Has My Vote

Libertarian Senate candidate Mike Beitler has my vote for many reasons, but mainly for his level headed views on legalizing marijuana. In the year 2010, it's ridiculous that tax paying American citizens are treated like criminals for choosing the safer alternative to tobacco and alcohol. Like it or not, marijuana is responsible for ZERO deaths per year while tobacco and alcohol are responsible for over FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND deaths per year in the United States alone.

The Mexican drug cartel gets over sixty percent of it's profit from black market marijuana sales. We could cripple the cartel with legalization and prevent many unnecessary deaths.

For a country that's hurting financially, marijuana sales would generate billions upon billions for our economy. Instead of smokers giving their money to the local dealer, it would be pumped back into the economy for education, roads, science, military, etc.

Police officers could focus more attention on violent offenders, hard drugs, and prescription medicines. Prescription medicines account for over SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND deaths per year in the United States. We are wasting billions of dollars fighting cannabis that isn't responsible for one single death per year. Where is the logic in that?

Do you realize how many jobs it would create if legalization occurred? Land would be bought for the factories and stores to be put on. Buildings would have to be built on the land. This would bring work for land surveyors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, telephone and cable companies, city inspectors, etc. Then, it would take people to grow the marijuana, run the factories, drive the trucks, work the shops, etc. The unemployment rate is at an all time low and the answer is staring us in the face.

Please take time to rethink any preconceived notions you have about marijuana and look at the facts. It kills no one, has medical benefits, has the potential to boost our economy with money and jobs, can help free up law enforcement to fight REAL threats, and could help cripple one of the most dangerous drug cartels in the world. I hope you will keep all this in mind when you are voting this year.

Rally on Saturday

For those who are unaware, the latest scientific evidence has overwhelmingly confirmed the medical benefits of cannabis (slang marijuana) in treating a number of medical conditions. This was done utilizing double-blind, placebo controlled studies at the University of California School of Medicine and the results were released in February of this year. They are available at

What is especially relevant to me as a disabled veteran (PTSD from 30 months flying helicopters in Vietnam) is the ability to treat PTSD and nerve damage from IED's. CBD, a component of the plant, has actually been observed by electron microscope to help repair damaged dendrites of the nerve cells.

At the NC Democratic Party State Executive Committee meeting on July 30th of this year, the delegates first voted to suspend the rules (super-majority vote) and then voted nearly unamiously in support of the following resolution:

Therefore Be It Resolved: The Democratic Party of North Carolina take immediate steps to affect passage of legislation to legalize medical marijuana and to remove these barriers to treatment with medical marijuana for veterans and other patients whose doctors determine the treatment to be appropriate, and

The second resolve stated that a copy of this resolution be sent to all elected members of the House, Senate, Council of State and the governor. That has not yet happened.

We appreciate your support and ask all to come out and learn of the recent medical evidence. You may find yourself a supporter..Someone who really will go out of their way to support a veteran.

Decriminalize but DONT TAX IT!

marijuana is a healing plant sent by God to help man.  it would be EVIL to TAX its use.

Thank YOU News and Observer!

You are the first paper to step up to the plate and report on this vital issue to NC Veterans and Patients and we would like to sincerely thank you for opening the door for conversation!! The NCCPN is a grassroots, Secretary of State Licensed Org. that has been actively fighting to pass medical legislation in this state for two years now, and also was responsible for the introduction of HB1380 and HB1383, penned by NCCPN attorney Ben Scales. We are a Board of six, Jean Marlowe, Exec. Dir, Myself, Rebecca Forbes, President, Veterans Outreach Dir. Perry Parks, recent Emmy winner for " The Good Soldier", Mid State Dir. Billy Cates, and our newest Board Member Dr. Milton Byrd our Medical Dir. who has extensive experience as a Regional COG member as well. We all thank you for this post.

In response to the article, we are fighting for Medical Cannabis for more than just pain. We have chronically ill Veterans and Patients registered with our Org. who suffer from PTSD, Degenerative Disc Disease, MS, Cancer of all types, Seizures, Aids wasting, Hepatitis, Fibromyalgia, ALS, Parkinson's Disease just to name a few. These issues go beyond chronic pain. Cannabis has been scientifically proven to benefit neurologic and other inflammatory diseases although this information is generally hidden from the general public. Sativex, Cannabis extract is now legal for MS as a pharmaceutical spray in the UK and Canada and is producing amazing results, yet is denied to US citizens. The Veterans Admin. recently issued an order allowing Veterans who live in legal states the right to use Medical Marijuana. NC has one of the largest Veteran populations in the country, with Veterans stationed here from the legal states who have legal medical cards, but no safe, legal, access in our state. An issue close to the heart of Perry Parks, Vet. Outreach Dir. who suffers from PTSD and chronic pain. Mr. Parks also obtained a unanimous Resolution from the NC Democratic Party to end Bureaucratic Maneuvering and Enact this Legislation at the SEC conference this summer in Fayettville, NC. Several NCCPN Board Members will be speaking at the Rally as well.

I hope that more Media begins to contact our Organization. We are a professional team and we are determined to end the War on marijuana as medicine in 2011 by introducing a revision of HB1380 under sponsorship of Pricey Harrison, recently quoted in the Chapel Hill Daily Tarheel. You can contact me for more info. at And Again, Thank YOU!!!

Press Release:

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