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Sen. Goolsby doubles down on support for accused troopers

State Sen. Thom Goolsby, a Wilmington Republican and lawyer, said Wednesday his support for two state troopers accused of misconduct is not shaken by the release of text messages showing the law officers profanely expressed ridicule and contempt for a woman wrongfully arrested for drunken driving.

Over the weekend, Goolsby issued a statement giving his unequivocal support to Senior Trooper Edward S. Wyrick and Trooper Andrew M. Smith.

"As an attorney who practices in our local courts, I have known these troopers for the entire time they have enforced the law in southeastern North Carolina," Goolsby wrote in an e-mail to The N&O. "I have never received any complaints about them. My personal experience was that they were professional, honest and forthright. ... It is time that someone spoke up and defended our troopers. I am doing so now."

On Tuesday the patrol released text messages showing that the two troopers exchanged messages shortly after Gina Tessener twice blew a 0.00 on an an alcohol breath test, prompting a comment from her lawyer husband that Wyrick should be ashamed of himself.

"Hahahaha f--- her and f--- him," Smith texted to Wyrick after learning of the exchange.

Moments later, Smith would pull Tessener's husband as he followed Wyrick and his wife to the county jail. The newly released texts may contradict Wyrick's written report of Gina Tessener's arrest, in which he wrote: "I never made contact with Trp. Smith while enroute to the jail until after I verified he stopped her husband."

Goolsby said Wednesday he didn't see anything in the messages that would lead him to change his earlier statement.

"The texts confirm the consistent story given in the report provided by the trooper," Goolsby wrote in an e-mail. "I have seen no evidence that the husband was set up in any way. These troopers are professional and respected in our area. No allegations have ever been made that any foul language was spoken to the driver or her husband. The inconsistent statements have all come from the husband of the driver. Until and unless I see something to the contrary, I continue to stand behind our troopers."


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So well said.

a prince among men.

Interesting observation

and nicely stated. 

Gosh, I wonder if anyone in state government has any motivation whatsoever to follow up on that possibility. 

I'm thinking not.  

But I'm glad "OurDailyFred" posted, just the same.   Food for thought, isn't it?

Professional courtesy

There is the theory already mentioned that the Senator just wanted to get his name in the paper, and look like a good partisan by differing with the Governor. 

There could be another possibility. Perhaps one or both of these troopers did a favor for the Senator, and now they're calling it in.

In a completely unrelated matter, I was told by one former police officer that it is not unusual to offer a ride home for a powerful politician who is over the limit for driving, and to come back and park the car safely overnight. Car is safe, politician is safe, and since the officer will come back to pick up the politician - no one is inconvenienced.  The traffic stop may be in the logs, but there's nothing to indicate that anything untoward happened.

The police officer has protected the public and the politician's safety, and as my friend pointed out, "It's nice to have someone important that you can call on for a favor."

I don't know the senator in question, so it would be foolish to ascribe this situation to him, as he may be just a prince of a guy.

Good comment!

I agree with you 100% Isaac136.

Are You Defending Profanity?

Mr. Goolsby! Are you defending profanity? Maybe you should not seek re-election. You attack Governor Perdue who is only doing the right thing. I smell partisan politics.

Just what this state needs . . . . . .

Geeez, just what this state needs, a Republican with John Edwards' hair! I'm sure, like Edwards, Goolsby thinks any press is good press. Here's to being bliss while awash in complete ignorance.

texting while driving?

is the senator ready to defend them if it is shown that they were texting while driving? i thought that was against the law. oh, but wait, he's a lawyer. he can get them off.

Egg whites are good for the complexion

Have you seen his photo lately?

Some spotlight, though

I mean, sheesh, he looks ridiculous.  That limelight on the egg-whites clinging to his hair and jaw is doing his image no favors.

or drummin up business

Maybe he's just getting in the spotlight.  This will blow, no puns intended, over but his name will be in print... albeit only blog print.

Bad eggs, and they're all over Goolsby's face

I think Goolsby put himself in a really stupid position, and now he doesn't have the cajones to admit he was wrong.   He probably thought he was striking a blow for the GOP against Governor Perdue, and it backfired on him, badly.    Now he's an embarrassment to his party and to whatever law school he supposedly teaches at.  ICKY.  

He's probably also an embarrassment to the state troopers who perform their jobs with integrity (and I have no doubt the good ones are far more numerous than the bad), who want just as much as anyone for the bad eggs to be thrown out. 

These folks who want to support our state troopers are going about it backwards by trying to defend the indefensible.    I don't think we support the good guys by rationalizing the behavior of the bad. 

Ghoulsby Must Approve of False Arrest

On his next election campaign perhaps Goolsby should state his position for the State.  In the meantime, perhaps he would be willing to share the alleged "police report" he so admirably accepts as truth in the matter that apparently involves false arrest.

Add Goolsby to the list of

Add Goolsby to the list of accomplices.

Are you kidding Mr.

Are you kidding Mr. Goolsby?  You got no problem with profanity laced texts between the 2 officers? How professional is that?  And ya really think it a mere coinincidence that the 2nd trooper pulled over the husband after texting with the 1st trooper. Even if they didn't conspire, you don't think the 2nd trooper knew who he was was pulling over as a result of the texts?  My instincts tell me you know these guys personally(you are from that area) and that is clouding your judgement in this matter.

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