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See, it happened like this...

Larry Nielsen felt compelled to explain on his resume how it was that he came to quit the provost job at N.C. State University.

Nielsen is a finalist for the No. 2 job at the University of Akron.

His qualifications posted to the Ohio university's Web site include a special note about why he left the big job at NCSU.

Nielsen stepped down as provost and executive vice chancellor last May, amid a political controversy involving the former state governor. According to Nielsen, four years earlier and while still interim provost, Nielsen had hired the first lady, then a law-school faculty member at another University of North Carolina institution, to create and run a university-level speakers' series that experienced great success over the intervening years. However, after the end of the governor's term, a local newspaper published a wide ranging set of allegations regarding the former governor that also included questions about the hiring of the first lady. Nielsen said he resigned to quell the controversy and to shelter his family from unwarranted media coverage. He cooperated fully with authorities investigating the matter, and the inquiry as it related to Nielsen is closed.

As the N&O has previously reported, Nielsen and former NCSU Chancellor James Oblinger repeatedly misrepresented how Mary Easley came to be employed at NCSU. They originally said that Nielsen hired her on his own when he was an interim provost. 

In reality, records showed that former Gov. Mike Easley, NCSU Board of Trustees Chairman McQueen Campbell, Oblinger and Nielsen were discussing the job for long before she was hired.


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Nielsen is clueless

Nielsen is clueless if he thinks Mary Easley was a "great success" for NCSU. "massive embarassment" would be more accurate.

Re: See, it happened like this...

f. "Experienced great success" was copied from Bernie Madoff's promotional literature.

Re: See, it happened like experienced great success!

" create and run a university-level speakers' series that experienced great success over the intervening years......."

".....experienced great success.....?"

Is this statement, "experienced great success," an example of?
a. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
b. It's the same as telling someone who has an ugly baby that "the baby is precious."
c. It's called "resume filler."
d. It's a response to "unwarranted media coverage."
e. all of the above

Re: See, it happened like this...

Perfect Karma - Nielson being called to testify against Mike Sleezly when he's finally indicted for his crimes against NC taxpayers.

Re: See, it happened like this...

How does he define "great success"? He should apply for a teaching job as a hack at some overpriced school of creative writing. Unless Ohio has a sudden demand for unscrupulous college administrators that cover for crooked politicians, they should pass on Mr. Nielson. Too bad for us he ever came to NC.

Re: See, it happened like this...

I am not a big fan of NCSU upper administration, but in this case I believe Nielson was the initial fall guy for everyone else...and he paid the price...onto the bigger fish...will Mr Easley end-up like John Rowland? who did similar things, but was impeached and served fed time? or will it all be swept under the rug.

re: "to shelter his family from unwarranted media coverage"

The unwarranted media coverage in this case being the News & Observer paparazzi.......the N & O paparazzi being Ben and Andy taking the bus over to Nielson's house and snapping photos of the fam' with their Polaroid Square Shooter 2.

I don't know if that is enough to quit over?

Re: See, it happened like this...

I am inclined to let this poor guy get on with his life. He made a mistake and buckled to pressure from the Governor's office. He paid big price and lost his job. What price has Easley paid? Nothing yet. just like the N&O to pick on the little guy and let the big democrat cheese have a pass....

Re: See, it happened like this...

A fairy tale begins with "Once upon a time". Nielsen's note should have started the same way.

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