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School tasers idea floated

One state legislator is interested in coming up with a bill that would allow trained teachers and administrators to use tasers to thwart school violence, the news@norman website reports.

Rep. Jason Saine, a Republican from Lincolnton, made the remarks at a meeting of school and county officials on Monday, according to the website, which is the online version of community newspapers in the Denver and Lake Norman areas.

Saine said he has asked the research and bill-drafting staffs to look into it, and said he will be talking to the state Department of Public Instruction for its input.

“This bill could potentially allow for something reasonable that bridges the gap between leaving our school teachers and their students totally helpless in these situations versus full on armed weaponry in a classroom,” Saine said.


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Good grief! Don't teachers

Good grief! Don't teachers have enough responsibilities already? Not only do they teach, pay for school supplies out of their own pockets, spend hours of their own time at home grading papers and fielding calls from parents, babysit children, now they have to be in charge of security, too? Put people in the schools who are experts in security and let teachers teach.

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