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Sales tax increase, higher school spending in Perdue's proposed budget

The proposed budget Gov. Bev Perdue releases tomorrow will include a sales tax increase and an additional $562 million for K-12 schools.

Her proposed budget will total about $20.9 billion. A 3/4-cent sales tax increase is expected to raise $760 million over 11 months, or $850 million a year.

Republican legislative leaders have said repeatedly they do not intend to raise taxes.

Perdue's proposed education budget increase would make up for the loss of $258 million in federal "edu-jobs' money, and reverse the "flex cuts"  school districts had to take last year and are built in to next year's budget.  The $562 million would pay for 11,000 additional jobs in schools, and would be enough to reduce class sizes in kindergarten through third grades. Total K-12 spending would rise to about $8 billion.

The budget will include a 1.8 percent raise for teachers.

Other proposed education increases include:

$25 million for N.C. Pre-K, which would add up to 4,579 slots.

$53 million for community colleges

$145 million for public universities

The budget will come with the slogan "Investing in Our Future."


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Thanks for the laugh, Granny

Thanks for the laugh, Granny Hotpants.  Some how Dumplin sounds a little more refined.  But shucks, we

know she ain't refined.

NC sales tax

I live out of state. I travel through North Carolina frequently and have bought from numerous merchants along I-85 and I-95. Because of the current N.C. sales tax rate, I have found it cheaper to buy via internet or telephone and pay for shipping rather than buy in state and pay the sales tax.  An increase in sales tax will definitely reduce in state shopping.

Did Puddin overlook that

Did Puddin overlook that minor story on the front page of the N&O about the Afro-American studies program at UNC-CH? 

I don't want any more of my tax money going to universities or any other state program that can't handle it responsibly.  If Chapel Hill BOG thinks that the AA program is an example of proper management of the money I have to give them at gunpoint every April 15th, they should all be fired and that crappy college shut down.

Go home, Bev.  You wore out your welcome about the time we got clued in that you were doing the Highway Patrol commander.


And yet, every year she has held the highest office in the state, not only did she raid the EDUCATION lottery to balance the budget of wasteful spending, she has also raided the education funds themselves.


She's just pathetic.


N&O has censored its readers yet again. No more comments for the Obama flip flop article that he now supports gay marriage.

Way to go N&O. No one censors its readers better than you guys.


I guess Granny Hotpants needs a few touch-ups before she packs up the mansion and moves back to the trailer court. 

More taxes?

What's with these Democrats?  Vote them out!

145 million for universities?

145 million MORE for the filthy rich universities, that have just increased tuition? These universities where the area around them have not seen a recession, due to the jacked up salaries of those that work there? Universities that have not had to sell any land, building, or any other assets to help them get through the recession. You gotta be kidding me. Political payoffs at taxpayers expense.

The Joker

Bev will continue to raise taxes as long as she look like the joker from the old 60s  Batman series.  

Yes it is, DOA

We are not paying another cent and she needs to go ahead and take her stupid self on out the door. She is as inept as any moron to ever sit atop the throne in this state. Dalton, or whatever his name is, since no one heard a peep out of him for the last 3 years, is no different. He has zero chance of being the next Governor and she would do good to take his ridiculous self right out the door with Puddin'. Those of you who wasted your votes electing her should be so proud.

Bev's budget is DOA

Bev's budget is DOA

taxes and votes

 Thanks Madam Governor for making this compaign issue crystal clear for the voters. 

Proposed Budget

More money needed for education?  Whatever happened to all the education money from the lottery?  Has the Assembly spent it for other uses?  Just a few questions that need to be answered.

Proposed Budget

Poor Bev.  Who cares what she thinks.  She has proven her worth as a leader.

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