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Ryan in Raleigh: Romney can fix the economy

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan inspired a crowd of a several thousand people Wednesday afternoon with the message that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has the experience and vision to fix the country. At the rally at the Raleigh headquarters of SMT, a sheet-metal fabrication company, the Wisconsin congressman extended the pro-business “We Did Build It” campaign theme.

“When people are successful in America, we take pride in each other’s success, we don’t resent it,” he said.

Ryan contrasted the records and ideas of Romney and President Barack Obama.
During the Obama presidency, the nation’s credit rating was downgraded for the first time in history, Ryan said, while when Romney was governor of Massachusetts the state’s credit rating was upgraded.

Ryan said partisan bitterness in Washington over the past four years has been the worst he’s experienced while Romney during his tenure as governor was able to lead a Democratic state and balance its budget without raising taxes.

He got one of his biggest cheers after promising that a Romney-Ryan administration would repeal Obamacare, the federal health care law. “What kind of country do we want to be?” Ryan asked. “What kind of people do we want to be?

“Free,” some in the crowd shouted.

Ryan was scheduled to attend a fundraiser later Wednesday and campaign in Fayetteville on Thursday.


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We need that change he promised

I HOPE a CHANGE of leadership will get us going in this country again. It has to be more about what we can do for our country than what our country can do for us. We can't continue this posture of sitting about and getting a gov't check--we must all work for the good of our way of life.

Well lets see if Romney can

Well lets see if Romney can pay a little higher percentage of taxes. 14% on 20 million dollars, says alot about the ethics and character of an American interested in being President! Like I am above your tax laws and I like tax loopholes! Hummmm!!!

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