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Rutherford Dems call for Voller's resignation

More trouble for state Democratic Party chairman Randy Voller.

The Rutherford County Democratic Party's Executive Committee on Thursday passed a resolution calling on Voller to resign because of the “irresponsible and controversial decisions lost the confidence of Democratic voters, elected officials, and longtime financial supporters.''

Earlier in the week, Nina Szlosberg-Landis, the party's vice chair resigned citing her inability to work with Voller.

Voller, the Pittsboro mayor, was elected in January, has come under fire because some of his spending decisions including a fund raising trip to Las Vegas with friends.


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You go girl!

Doubting Tonya,
Your comments nailed the problems to the wall plaguing our state party. Good for you to have the courage to tell like it is!

You go girl!

Doubting Tonya,
Your comments nailed the problems to the wall plaguing our state party. Good for you to have the courage to tell like it is!

You go girl!

Doubting Tonya,
Your comments nailed the problems to the wall plaguing our state party. Good for you to have the courage to tell like it is!

Stand strong Randy Voller

Randy is the new face of the progressive North Carolina Democratic Party. The old party lost to the Republicans. With Randy it will happen never again. Randy Voller is the one to lead the North Carolina Democratic Party to being the party of progressives. It is long past time for a change and Randy is that change.


Let's look at the small "voller's purge" of support.

Watt Jones, a disgruntled failed candidate with some rather interesting mishaps in his past roles as well as getting the boot in Wake County for previous deeds on behalf of the State Party. David Moore, a failed candidate for the state House because of unpaid child support and rather interesting issues with his businesses not being registered properly with the Secretary of State as well as verbal attacks on his own county party chair. Chris Telesca who was defeated for office like a drum in Wake County democratic party while acknowledging he was elected to his photo club in high school. John Hammond the bully dog who attacks women including the one on here who talks about her calls being recorded. Bill Franklin, one inch removed from Stalin-ease. Michael Carmichael, whose website could be an entire segment on the Comedy Hour. Have we missed anyone? Toss in a handful of other comical characters and there you have it. Laugh in at the far left corral of unknowns attempting to find a place in the spotlight.

Voller's Purge?

In order to be successful,The Democratic Party chairperson must have the skill set to unite all wings of the Democratic Party in order to focus our membership on the task of defeating the Republican agenda. It is very revealing that the writer of "Voller's Purge" uses the phrase" A Choice Not an Echo" to defend Voller as chairperson. With a friend like this, Voller doesn't need any enemies to bring his tenure as chairperson to an end. This phrase was used as the name of a book by Phyllis Schafly( the far right leader who effectively killed the ERA) in 1964 as a rallying cry in support of then ultraconservative Republican candidate Barry Goldwater in his unsuccessful bid to win the presidency in 1964. Ultraconservatives in the Republican Party sought to purge the moderating pro-civil rights forces represented by the liberal Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party. As we know, that mindset led to the nomination of Goldwater who sustained the biggest defeat of any candidate since Roosevelt's defeat of Alf Landon in 1936. Talk of the Democratic Party being just like the Republican Party and the need for Progressives to take over is no different than the black and white world view of the ultra-conservatives today commonly described as the "Tea Party" Such a "progressive" view sees the moderate and conservative wings of the Democratic Party as inherently evil. Voller will not be able to unite the Party behind his leadership as long as he continues to appoint persons who hold this "Manichean" mindset to the leadership of the Democratic Party.

Our number one objective as Democrats for the 2014 campaign is to re-elect Kay Hagan as our United States Senator. It is not to purify the Party by getting rid of moderates and conservative Democrats. One of Voller's key appointments to the Executive Council has written the following about Senator Kay Hagan:

"Kay Hagan has destroyed any thought anywhere that she is anything other than a BLUE, BLUE DAWG. What a flaming crock.

Well she is a millionaire, ex-banker, after all, so I guess it is catching or in the blood. (Did Kay vote to take on the Banksters after the 2008 financial flameout? I don't remember but I guess, no.) Besides, what has she done for liberals or progressives anyway, and she has three years to go, at which time she will be as embedded (and useless) as Burrhead."

If there is a "Voller purge" as the writer suggests needs to happen, it needs to begin with those persons who attack Kay Hagan as a "corporatist blue dog"

Douglas Berger

The NC Democrat Party

a criminal organization disguised as a political party!

Full Support For Randolph Voller

The misguided factions that have circled camps to smear the State Chair so soon after taking office, and implementing the tasks he was sent to do are repeating the same undermining offensive against democratic unity ( and against the republican agenda) that was so prevalent 12 months ago with David Parker.

Randy is "Spot On" with his vision to address the Municipal elections in 2013 as a starting point for 2014. As well as restructuring the NCDP to more effective in achieving actual results at the polling booth during elections. Utilizing the momentum from Moral Monday's across North Carolina, especially outside the VRA's to win majority is goal is outstanding.

One thing for certain, whether it's a temperamental, and immature reaction from a superb film creator who wasn't chosen for a lucrative contract with the party, or some failing talk show host looking for more drama at the democratic parties expense; it's still the republican party policy and THEIR elected officials that needs to be addressed.

I support an executive leader's right to conduct business, even if it's down sizing and letting friends go, and if and when there are those who need to leave in sympathy of that implementation, then leaving is best, and they should conduct it professionally without a juvenile reaction. Because North Carolina's struggling resident's want and deserve someone that will work on their behalf, and not their own emotional self-centered agenda.

Just say NO to Chairman recording phone conversations/bullying

No matter what the Democratic Party decides to do with Chairman Voller, it is my hope that the Party will take a public stand and denounce the Chairman's admitted recording of a private phone conversation and release of sensitive personal information discussed in that conversation to a political surrogate in an attempt to inflict emotional pain and humiliation:

After I commented on the May 24, 2013 Under the Dome story, “Robert Dempsey to take helm at N.C. Democratic Party”, a post appeared in another blog (Chatham County On-Line) by “Kleigh”, a political surrogate for Chairman Randy Voller. “Kleigh” stated that she made Voller aware of my comment. She also stated that Voller recorded a phone conversation with me (in 2006) and retained a copy. This was news to me. She proceeded to belittle me on topics ranging from my father’s suicide to my own struggle with major depressive disorder---information I shared with Voller during that private conversation.

What Chairman Voller failed to realize is that I am not ashamed for people to know that I struggle with depression. Nor am I ashamed for people to know that my father also suffered from this illness, which eventually led to his suicide. What IS shameful is that the Chairman of the State Democratic Party recorded a private telephone conversation in which I shared this sensitive information with him, retained the tape of this conversation for almost seven years, and then divulged it to a political surrogate for vindictive dissemination. Shame on him!

Judith Robb Bullock

Voller's purge

It is about time the leadership in Raleigh began moving the state party Forward. For too long the party was just like the GOP, but a little less so. We need a choice, not an echo. Progressives, the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, need to be the one's running the party. We've had enough of the monied interests buying politicians and controlling the party apparatus.

Before Voller the only thing Progressives knew was the same people who owned the GOP, they owned the Democratic Party as well.

The former owners of the Democratic Party might want it back, but know that if the progressive will of the people is circumvented by money next election cycle there won't be any reason for progressives to bother showing up.

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