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Roy Cooper, N.C.'s most popular Democrat

Roy CooperRoy Cooper got the most votes Tuesday night.

Coming off a year in which he received national praise for his handling of the Duke lacrosse case, the two-term attorney general received the highest number of votes for any statewide Democrat, according to returns from last night.

Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, a three-term incumbent, came in second.

Still, those two candidates faced weak Republican opposition in down-ballot races that received little attention from voters or the press.

First-time statewide candidate Kay Hagan came in third despite facing an incumbent senator with high name recognition. Hagan won 100,000 more votes than Barack Obama, who boosted her campaign by increasing Democratic turnout.

By contrast, gubernatorial candidate Beverly Perdue won only about 2,000 votes more than Obama, a much narrower margin in a state where Democratic governors have long outpaced the national candidate. She was the seventh top vote-getter in the 12 statewide partisan races.

After the jump, the Democratic votes in order.


Democratic candidates' vote totals

(* Denotes candidates who lost)

Roy Cooper, attorney general: 2,501,274

Elaine Marshall, secretary of state: 2,282,777

Kay Hagan, U.S. Senate: 2,216,440

Janet Cowell, state treasurer: 2,146,820

June Atkinson, superintendent of public instruction: 2,145,605

Beth Wood, state auditor: 2,142,565

Beverly Perdue, governor: 2,112,122

Barack Obama, president: 2,110,285

Walter Dalton, lieutenant governor: 2,100,387

* Ronnie Ansley, agriculture commissioner: 1,933,338

Wayne Goodwin, insurance commissioner: 2,074,698

* Mary Fant Donnan, labor commissioner: 1,985,319

Source: State Board of Elections


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Re: Roy Cooper, N.C.'s most popular Democrat

I cant think of a more deserving human being; Roy Cooper is highly respected by everyone and one day we will see the need to unify by something other than a political party and he epitomizes just such a vision; he loves our state, he battles for our citizens--especially children and the elderly, and he fights to bring justice for everyone. Congratulations Attorney General Cooper; we are proud of you in Rocky Mout and one day you will rise to higher heights because of your integrity and dedication to the citizens of our great state, North Carolina!

Re: Roy Cooper, N.C.'s most popular Democrat

Sorry. Got sidetracked. Will post shortly.

— RTB 

How about a breakdown of the most popular Republicans ....

Let's see a breakdown of the most Popular Republicans and a follow-up story on the comparison of Presidential votes versus others

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