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Romney in slightly better shape than McCain in NC according to polls

If you go by poll averages, Mitt Romney is in slightly better shape than Barack Obama was at this point in North Carolina than was John McCain.

The Real Clear Politics website, which collates poll averages, as of Oct. 31 has Romney at 49.8 percent and Obama at 46 percent.

At the same date in 2008, Real Clear Politics had McCain at 48.9 percent and Obama at 46.3 percent.

Make of it what you will.


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Romney Will Lose the election and North Carolina

This item is already obsolete, because early voting proves that Mitt Romney is trailing Obama by over 300,000 votes - a virtually insurmountable lead that he will find difficult to overcome on Election Day.  North Carolina is poised to be the biggest upset in the nation for the second time in a row.  The election is not over, but Obama is far out front and Romney is dropping like the proverbial lead ballon. There is little that Romney can do to halt the massive assault of the Obama field operations that are now rated to be the best in the nation.  Romney's tenuous popularity is collapsing and he will soon be forgotten along with Alf Landon, Barry Goldwater and Bob Dole.

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