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Roll call on bailout bill

Here's how N.C. House members voted on a bailout of the financial markets, a bill that passed the House on Friday with a 263-171 vote.

FOR: Democrats Mel Watt, Bob Etheridge, David Price and Brad Miller; Republicans Howard Coble and Sue Myrick.

AGAINST: Republicans Robin Hayes, Virginia Foxx, Patrick McHenry and Walter Jones; Democrats G.K. Butterfield, Heath Shuler, and Mike McIntyre.

After the jump, what they said.



Mel Watt, Charlotte Democrat: "The Senate's failure to pay for the cost of these measures concerns me. But we have no choice but to try to address the credit and economic crisis that we are in the middle of. While I would prefer to pay for these measures, I am not provided that option in this bill."

Sue Myrick, Charlotte Republican: "I think we are in a very, quite frankly, dangerous place relative to the financial situation in the country."

Howard Coble, Greensboro Republican: "The limited access to credit, and in many instances, no access to credit can certainly contribute to a crisis. We can put on the blinders and go one way or the other, but this is a bill that must be addressed today."


Robin Hayes, Concord Republican: "The bill still contains a troubling provision that allows foreign-based banks or investment firms to have just as much access to U.S. tax dollars as American companies.  Over the past few days, I sought to get this provision changed, but it hasn't."

G.K. Butterfield, Wilson Democrat: "I have the 15th poorest district in the United States. My people are hurting. They didn't contribute to this problem. They are the victims."

Virginia Foxx, Banner Elk Republican: "This plan does not address the underlying causes of today’s financial crisis, it contains billions in pork from the Senate and it puts taxpayers on the hook for Wall Street’s bad investment decisions."

Patrick McHenry, Cherryville Republican: "For American taxpayers, $850 billion is an enormous price to pay for an experimental plan that can not promise market stability or fundamental reforms to avoid future turmoil."

Mike McIntyre, Lumberton Democrat: "We needed a clean bill that would help American families and small businesses, not foreign investors and foreign banks. We also needed a bill that was not loaded down with extra spending that increases the national debt even more."

Walter Jones, Farmville Republican: "This legislation is a vast expansion of the federal government at the expense of the American taxpayer and the free enterprise system. High-flying Wall Street firms created this problem and got rich in the process. Taxpayers should not have to pick up the tab for their poor business decisions."

— Lisa Zagaroli 


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Re: Roll call on bailout bill

start with the voting november 4th vote all that voted yes out lets take america back buy american if it don't say made in the usa put it back do without

Re: Roll call on bailout bill

Is that an option today?

A substitute or an artificial substance for the real need is never the best choice.

Re: It's system wide

Let's see if we can cause a similar system wide meltdown in the voting booths this November.

Re: Your "service" is no longer required

From the main website:

Due to an unusually high amount of emails currently being submitted through the Write Your Representative feature (above), you may experience a slow response or error message when attempting to send emails through this system during hours of peak demand. We apologize for this inconvenience. Our technicians are working to fix the problem. Thank you.

It's system wide.

Bye-Bye all those who voted yes.

Other options were available other than plunging your hand in my pocket. Not disputing something had to be done, but just because pickpocketing was easier doesn't make it right. Thanks for the additional billion and a half in pork by the way. I am looking forward to buying those wooden arrows subsidized in the bill. I have your names and will not only vote accordingly, I will actively campaign to promote the other guy and those who voted no.

Re: Roll call on bailout bill

As an American I don't think I've ever been more ashamed of my government then today. The folks in 1776 and 1861 had it right, some times you just have to secede.

Your "service" is no longer required

Bye-Bye Brad Miller

An open letter to Brad Miller in the 13th. Neither his campaign site or official congressional homepages can process emails. Must be all the people congratulating him.

Are you resigning or do we need to vote you out? You voted for the 'no bank left behind" bill. As a new resident here, I can assure you, I will do what I can to see that you lose your job in Washington. As someone normally votes, I can assure you I will vote for Hugh Webster in the 13th. I hope that whatever you have gotten for your vote was worth it. You may be re-elected. Maybe you will develop a conscience.

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