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Road trip

Young Republicans in North Carolina are heading north of the border this weekend to volunteer in the Virginia governor's race, Rob Christensen reports.

Polls show Republican Bob McDonnell leading Democrat Creigh Deeds.

"The outcome of the elections in Virginia could set the tone for what happens in North Carolina in 2010; similar to the 1993-94 election cycles," said Jonathan Brady, chairman of the N.C. Young Republicans. "If won by Republicans, these races could spark a much needed fire in individuals to get out and work for Republican candidates here in North Carolina."

The two-day trip is being paid for by the Young Republican National Federation and the Virginia Victory program.


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Re: Road trip

Even the Obummer WHITE HOUSE has thrown Deeds under the bus...saying he didnt take their advice...such pompous thugs in the white house..

By WHAT date will Obummer be thrown out?

Too bad NCGOP didn't take water_warrior on road trip

SPAM is great fried, but best in small doses.

Yet, blaming Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld breast cancer Marine stuff on Perdue remains PRICELESS in any dose.

Nice job Art Pope.

Re: Road trip

The NC BoE Easley investigation is the equivalent to the Keystone Cops giving Easley a parking ticket while he’s driving a stolen car w/ the front, back seat, & trunk overloaded w/ dead bodies from toxic water.

Millions of NC citizens, soldiers, Marines, & their families who are sick & dying from toxic water want Gov’s Hunt, Easley, & Perdue indicted by Federal authorities for obstruction of justice & misappropriation of Clean Water Trust Funds in the “Sewergate” & the BRAC Scams.

Gov’s Hunt, Easley, & Perdue cover-up of “Sewergate” includes the PCS Mine running an illegal toxic waste dump that has contaminated the Castle Hayne Aquifer which is killing Marines & family members & over permitting & importation of out of state municipal sludge to dilute medical waste like Lab Corp & Burlington which is killing people from the VA to Fort Bragg.

Millions want justice for ‘Sewergate,’ the largest corruption scandal & cover-up in US history.

Re: Road trip

Janet, Sorry I missed you when I dropped the Freedom of Information Request to Nick Bryne for details of all the investments of the NC State Employees Trust Fund and details of all the “Sewergate” General Statutes 162 Water and Sewer notices of mismanagement & misappropriations of Clean Water Trust Funds, like Bay River & Western Bay River Sewer.

You seem to be focusing only on going forward with what is left of the NC State Employee’s Trust Fund rather than concentrating on the over 20 missing $20 billion dollars. Waterfront Sportsman Wall Street & Finance Expert estimates the NC State Employee Trust Fund to now less than $40 billion.

Your staff seemed to be having a hard time finding the docs. As soon as you give them up, WFS will let you know where the missing 20 billion went.
Try Sara Lang, at Walter Daltons 919-733-0098 She probably took them with her, like Dare O’Conner took the Bay River Sewer File from Les Merritt’s to Larry Leake’s.

Re: Road trip

Gigglebox frisbee golf is Republican thing?

Seems pointless enough.

Re: Road trip

Gigglebox frisbee golf is Republican thing? Seems kind of a hippie activity, therefore more inclined to be more Democratic than Republican.

Re: NC Young Republicans leaving state?

Thanks for the copy editing.


Re: NC Young Republicans leaving state?

I'm still trying to figure out what "north of the board" means.

NC Young Republicans leaving state?

[insert own "funny, because it's true" joke here]

Thousands of young ladies in Raleigh bars breathe sigh of relief?

Nobody in Charlotte notices difference?

Irrational complaint box at every venue from state services to McDonald's suddenly seem pointless?

Frisbee golf tournaments suspended indefinitely?

Girl gets abortion; gets on with life; succeeds; no screaming 24 year-old authoritarian stranger makes her cry?

Bowtie sales at Belk's drop 100 percent?

What fun!

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