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RNC offering all expense paid trips to Raleigh from its DC headquarters

Are the Republicans really certain that they have the presidential campaign locked down in North Carolina?

Despite all the talk about shifting staff from North Carolina, the Republican National Committee has a Victory 2012 D.C Bus Deployment schedule, for sending volunteers for all expense paid trip to Raleigh, Canton,  Ohio, Virginia Beach or Chesapeake. The buses leave for Raleigh Oct 5-7, Oct 19-21, Oct. 26-28 and Nov. 2-4.


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DC volunteeers can also work

DC volunteeers can also work out of Myers Park Pat's lobbying office at Moore Van Allen in Charlotte. I bet his client the American Petroleum Institute will cater in some great meals. Then they can take the Duke Energy jet back to DC. The one Pat used to use so much when he was Mayor.

And by the way, couldn't believe Myers Park Pat defended Duke Energy in the debate. I guess he thinks it's great that the company wants to raise our energy rates 14% at the same time it's paying it's CEO $44 million to walk away.

Charlotte Lobbyist Myers Park Pat, just the guy to reform Raleigh!



Bright folks?

I think not... but I admire both your optimism and your sarcasm, WilmingtonD!  

I am sure this is good news for Golden Corral outlets in our state, however. 

Republicans are sweating bullets over NC

Mitt Romney is a big liar, and his credibility is broken.  So, the Republicans are nervous about North Carolina where the polls are a virtual tie.  After months of TV bombardment, their ads don't work anymore -- hatred of women, fear of aliens and bigotry against blacks and Hispanics are so yesterday.  So, their Plan B - Send busloads of volunteers from Liberty Univerity to North Carolina.  But, what good will that really do?  Probably very little, if any - in fact, it might just hurt the cause.  The Republicans need a Plan C, but they don't have one.

Good to see RNC volunteers

Good to see RNC volunteers coming from Washington. Probably some bright folks who can help Pat McCrory figure out how he can pay for $11 billion in tax breaks.


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