Under the Dome

Republicans rejoice in Raleigh amid GOP victories

As the polls came to a close on the East Coast and results slowly began to trickle in bringing the election year to a close the ballroom of the North Raleigh Hilton began to fill up with campaign volunteers and supporters for the North Carolina GOP Party.

When it was announced Republican Pat Mcrory had won the governorship over Democrat Walter Dalton a cheer rose up from the crowd, just as it did when it was shown North Carolina was leaning toward the Romney/Ryan ticket.

Cheers were thunderous when North Carolina was secured by Republican Candidate Mitt Romney.

Campaign Volunteer Shirley Daniels put together a sequined outfit just for the party garnished with buttons touting sayings such as, pretty women vote republican and Clint Eastwood inspired buttons with the quote, "Make my day!"

"Oh my god I'm the biggest supporter in the world," said Daniels. "The United States, we need this, America can't take four more years. I love Romney/Ryan, I love them both. There is no other candidate."

Supporters gathered around projected televisions following the progress of the votes coming in, speaking hopefully about overthrowing the incumbent when a state falls to Romney.

In the end their efforts paid off with a Romney victory in North Carolina.

--Matt Caulder, staff writer

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