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Republicans haven't represented the people, House Democrats say in last presser

House Minority Leader Larry Hall on Friday said Republicans had not kept their promise of job creation this session, during the House Democratic Caucus’ last press conference of the year.

"We end this session knowing we did nothing to create jobs, we don't have that prosperity," he said. "We created a tax cut for the millionaires and raised the taxes on the least of these."

Caucus members rebuked the other party’s efforts, asserting that the state GOP has not adequately represented the real people of North Carolina.

“Every interest was served in this General Assembly, except one: The public interest,” said Rep. Rick Glazier, a Fayetteville Democrat. “And that was never probably clearer than what happened last night.”

He was speaking specifically about House Bill 589, dubbed the Voter Information Verification Act, which requires voters to show photo IDS at the polls, ends registering to vote and voting on the same day and shortens the early-voting period, House Bill 589. Some of the lawmakers will travel county-to-county to inform people of changes to the voting laws in preparation for the 2014 election.

This session also marked the start of incremental cutbacks to environmental regulations, said Rep. Becky Carney, a Charlotte Democrat.

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