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Republican voter asks: Do you have a substitute for Goldman?

How is the Debra Goldman controversy playing among voters? Consider this exchange from Saturday.

Two state GOP volunteers went canvassing in a Wake Forest neighborhood, knocking on doors of Republican supporters, encouraging them to vote. A woman answered the door in her panjamas. After she said she supported Mitt Romney, she asked:

"What are you doing with that lady," the woman asked the volunteers. "The one they've got that big controversy over. I'm just wondering if you have a substitute for her."

The volunteers didn't know what to say.


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McCrory is a SEVEN TERM MAYOR of NC's BIGGEST democrackkk CITY!

Unless you can PROVE his being paid 'millions of $$$ by Duke Energy' then I call you out as a MAJOR LIAR!  You spew this same BS over and over and its NOT true.  McCrory is a salaried employee at a law firm.  Why dont you pay attention to some of the MOST EVIL and CORRUPT democrackkks in Wilmington NC????   like those who've made billions off the taxpayers from medicaid!

The GOP - The Party of

The GOP - The Party of Family Values that brings you a Speaker whose staff are paid $150K to sleep with married lobbyists and House Leader Rep. Larroque who embezzeled millions of dollars in stimulus funds from the federal government and bought his girlfriend fabergege eggs.

And now they want the state to elect a lobbyist from Charlotte who has been paid millions of dollars by Duke Energy.

Substitute for Goldman

Yes, the substitute for Goldman is Beth Wood.

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