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Republican mail piece takes shot at Gov. Perdue

Republican State Sen. Neal Hunt is courting District 15 voters with a mailer touting his ties to Wake County, his private sector success and his readiness to "clean up the mess caused by Gov. Perdue's failed leadership."

Hunt, seeking his fifth term to his Raleigh district, used familiar lines from state and national campaigns this election cycle: he'll help balance the budget, end wasteful spending and improve schools, the mailer says. (See mailer in link below.)

The Republican faces Democrat Sig Hutchinson in the November election.

The early mail drop -- which targeted some unaffiliated voters -- reflects heightened tensions this election year and emulates the gubernatorial and presidential races, which seem to be moving on a much faster scheduled compared to other election years. And it appears that Hunt has enough money to play ball. 

--Austin Baird and John Frank, staff writers

Neal Hunt GOP Mailer 06-20-12.pdf


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Neal Hunt voted for the GOP

Neal Hunt voted for the GOP budget which guarantees that NC schools will have a minimum of 26 and up to 30 kids per class.

Neal Hunt votes for the racist voter id bill.

What's going on over there?

I don't understand why the N&O is advertising for Neal Hunt.  

As opposed to the Democrats

The Democrats on the school board who paid off their friends double the value of land 6-7 years ago is the reason for high classroom size.  President Obama was supposed to heal our nation and bring it together after 16 years of deeply divided politics; well President Obama made it worse.  


Neal Hunt is one of the few on either side of the isle whose word counts for something.  That is more important in today's society than what the party label is.   

Hunt mailer

    Our family recieved he piece the other day.  The oddest thing about it is that it tells the truth about what Sen. Hunt plans to do. and what he has done.   I for one have had several disagreements with him on policies.  I find that he takes my views into consideration, and when he does not see things my way; he tells me what his honest opinion is,  with an explanation of why.  He also is accessible and responds to the concerns of his constituents.  He understand that the voters put him into office and gives them his respect.  

   I am displeased with many in his party, but I will gladly vote for him in Nov and will encourage others to do the same

Neal Hunt and the GOP

Neal Hunt and the GOP policies add up to the following:

Public schools should have 30 kids in a class and we should all sit in traffic and keep sending money to the Saudis.

NorthCarolinasippi here we come!

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