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Report: Hayes 5th richest in Congress

U.S. Rep. Robin Hayes is among the wealthiest members of Congress, according to a Capitol Hill newspaper.

In a report released Monday, Roll Call ranked the Concord Republican No. 5 among the 535 members of the House and Senate. The newspaper estimates his net worth at about $79 million, much of it in stocks and bonds held in trust funds.

Hayes, heir to a textile fortune, has seen his wealth more than double since 2006. "According to Hayes' office, the increase, including more than $36 million in new trust funds, is the result of an inheritance. Hayes' mother passed away in 2007," Roll Call says.

Other Carolinas lawmakers in the Top 50: Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole at 19th, Democratic Rep. Heath Shuler at 35th and Democratic Rep. John Spratt at 36th.

The ranking, though, includes several caveats. Roll Call notes that lawmakers must disclose only a range for each asset and liability and do not have to report certain assets at all. They sometimes fill out the disclosure forms incorrectly.


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Re: Report: Hayes 5th richest in Congress

yeah,,, NC District 11's Heath Shuler is now 35th...not bad for a 40 year old whose WEALTH has INCREASED by 20% since being elected in 2006! YET, he is too scaredy cat to debate his opponent Dr. Carl Mumpower!

Mumpower is having DEBATES without Shuler...only his cardboard cutout!

Where's Glenn Beck?

Louis Sewell???????

Hey Ryan where is the story about Easley fundaiser and Board of Transportation member Louis Sewell voting for road improvements on or near where he and his son had property for sale?

Re: Report: Hayes 5th richest in Congress


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