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Report: Ellmers at paid event, not open meetings

U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers is one of the subjects of a Politico article about House members forsaking open town hall meetings during the recess, but making appearances where people have to pay to attend.

In the article, her spokesman Tom Doheny said Ellmers, a Republican from Dunn, is holding tele-town halls.


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No more free refills for her

No more free refills for her "Tea," its pay to play now. Why am I not surprised?

the elite have spoken

She truly represents the best congress money can buy. A month or so ago a read a piece about her wearing high heels (and band aids on her feet) in the DC halls. As she portrays herself as a nurse with common sense, I've never seen a nurse wear high heels something about walking a lot during the day. It made me realize its all show and no go with her, a true trophy house rep. I read about one of her town halls that no questions were to be asked and no signs allowed, at the time I wondered why she bothered and it looks like I have my answer. Show up for her town hall and watch the CD, or maybe blue ray.

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