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Renee Ellmers opponents hardly have a dime to spare

Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers is the only candidate in the 2nd district that is raising any significant money  in this election cycle.

Ellmers, a freshman from Dunn, has raised $607,105, spent $522,097 and has $316,826 cash on hand hand as of March 31, according to her report to the Federal Election Commission.

Among her Republican challengers, Sonya Page Holmes has raised $2,125, Clement Munno has raised $12,974, and Richard Speer had not raised any money.

None of her Democratic challengers: James Bibbs, Toni Morris, Stephen Wilkins had raised any money, nor had Libertarian candidate Brian Irving.


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You bet I do

I can't speak for the Democrats, but I am grateful to the N&O for the news coverage it provides for all campaigns. If we want to sincerely get rid of the evils of money in politics, we should urge the media to cover the candidates and issues equally and fairly.

Nor do I intend ...

... to raise hundreds of thousand of dollars to get a job that pays $174,000. I am running for Congress so that I can stop out-of-control federal spending, and stop burdening our grandchildren with debt. My campaign will reflect that attitude. I do appreciate Under The Dome mentioning my name.

Brian Irving,

Learn To Spell

But Clem, you can't even spell "incumbent"....

Free publicity ?

Renee's Dem opponent must be counting on lots of free N&O publicity from Rob & Stevie.  And they will, no doubt, get lots too.


Does it surprise you that an encumbent has that much money?  After all, doesn't everybody spend $800,000 to win a job that pays you about $356,000 in income for two years? Rather than spend money, I would rather meet and talk to the people. I would encourage the people to get informed by visiting all of our web pages. All four of us have one. If you do not have your own access to the internet, there are computers at our libraries that the people can use. Let us stop spending money to get our answers and put in a little free effort. It will benefit all of us.

Clem Munno

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