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Renee Ellmers and the five dwarfs?

Well, maybe one of the five challengers seeking Republican 2nd District Rep. Renee Ellmers' seat will grow in stature before the race is over. But at this point the race is Ellmers, the freshmen from Dunn, and five no-names.

Ellmers has three Republican challengers, Sonya Holmes of Broadway, Clement Munno of Aberdeen, and Richard Speer of Fayetteville.

She also has two Democratic challengers for the 2nd district House seat, Toni Morris of Fayetteville and Steve Wilkins of Southern Pines.


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I seem to recall that Renee

I seem to recall that Renee was called names much worse than Governor Bev.  Funny how it is wrong to call Bev names but was fine to call Renee the same or worse.  Wonder why that is?

Another no-name

Jimmy Carter was another no-name candidate and look what he did for our country.

"Dwarfs" ???

Robbie !!!!  Referring to candidates for Congress as "Dwarfs" !  Why Robbie, isn't that akin to calling a governor "Dumplin'" ????

Shame on you Robbie.

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