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Recount begins as Ellmers learns D.C.'s ways

While Renee Ellmers is in Washington learning the ropes, the recount that determines if she'll stay there begins.On Wednesday, the counties that make up the 2nd Congressional District start recounting the votes to see if Ellmers maintains her lead over incumbent Democrat Bob Etheridge. Two counties, Lee and Wake, won't start their recount until Thursday. Over in Johnston County, the recount is expected to take all day.

Meanwhile Ellmers is in D.C. this week with other freshman lawmakers who are learning their way around Capitol Hill. In addition to the usual networking and name tag reading, the new members find out where their offices are and have a class picture taken.Tea Party members were also invited by Dick Armey to a two-day retreat last week in Baltimore. It was also attended by a reporter from The New York Times who quoted Ellmers as “gushing” to the former U.S. Rep., “Dick, you're wonderful.” See the story here.


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Etheridge/Elmers and voter fraud in NC

It is incredible to me (NOT) that the recount seems to be 'finding' votes for Etheridge where before there were none.
What is it exactly in NC that makes voter fraud a given?

During '08 election, I saw a person whom I knew to be
undocumented sign up to vote. First pass, she got "her address" wrong and had to ask her friend -- all this in
Spanish. So I approached a polling official to report it.
He told me he could do nothing. I asked why he could not ask for ID proving she was who she said and lived where she said, etc. NOT LEGAL UNDER NC LAW???"

This happened again in the midterms but I didn't bother to
report it since I knew they would do nothing. In '08, when
poll workers could not help, i TRIED to take it up with the elections board. I also told them I was stopped outside the
polling place by a worker who showed me a sample ballot
and carefully explained how I could vote the Democrat ticket with one check mark. I feigned ignorance and asked
'very innocently' where I should put the check if I wanted
to vote a straight Republican ticket. I was 'informed' that
'you don't really want to do that.'

I then elevated my voice just enough so the people around us could hear. I won't bore you with the rest of the conversation, but people around me actually clapped (including several Democrats).

What is it about this state that this situation has been allowed to exist for decades? I'm an Independent waiting
to see whether the Republican takeover of the State legislature will actually translate to fair elections in the

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