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Records bill has foes

Lobbyists for North Carolina's local government officials are resisting legislation that would force governments to pay legal fees after losing a lawsuit to release documents.

The House Finance Committee on Wednesday again considers a bill that would make it easier for news media outlets and individuals suing in public records lawsuits to collect attorney fees if the documents are released.

Judges now can deny the payment if they think the government body has substantial justification to deny access.

Lobbyists say more than 1,500 state and local government agencies, boards and commissions would be subject to the law. The bill would have to clear votes in the committee, the full House and then the Senate, which approved a similar measure last year. (AP)


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Re: Records bill has foes

This should be a non-issue, citizens and media should not have to sue to obtain public records. But since they do in some cases, then their legal fees should be paid by the public office that has refused to do their job.

Re: Records bill has foes

Providing transparency in government would empower the population to question where $18 billion in tax dollars are spent every year.

Questions might also be raised about the macroeconomic impact of introducing a $1.6 billion tax increase in the middle of the worst recession since the Great Depression.

Lobbyists don't like questions, unless they have been scripted by the political machine that controls this state.

For Bev Perdue, the needs of those 1500 lobbyists take precedence over the needs of the electorate.

This bill will not pass while Beverly Perdue is still in office.

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