Under the Dome

Recent House bills

Recent House bills of note:

H.B. 661: City Managers on School Boards, Rep. Ray Warren

H.B. 677: Require a "First in Flight" Background, Reps. Lucy Allen, Lorene Coates, Nelson Cole and Becky Carney

H.B. 691: State Contracts/Slavery Profits, Reps. Larry Womble, Earl Jones, Annie Mobley and Earline Parmon

H.B. 708: Furlough of State Employees, Reps. Ray Rapp, Rick Glazier and Margaret Dickson

H.B. 711: Sales Tax Fairness Act, Reps. Winkie Wilkins and Dale Folwell

H.B. 724: Open Records Attorneys' Fees, Reps. George Cleveland and Curtis Blackwood


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Re: Recent House bills

Those anti-life Democrats are trying to stop the Pro Life and NRA license plates.

Re: Recent House bills

Does anyone have background infor on H677? Why eliminate specialty plates? Beyond making our state look completely boring, don't some of the procedes from those plates go to charity? I'm sure the Democrats who sponsored this bill aren't anti-charity, are they?

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