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Rankings on the governor's race

Analysts don't know who will win the governor's race.

A quick survey of local and national political observers in the days leading up to the election shows that there's little agreement beyond the fact that it's a close race:

N.C. State politics prof Andy Taylor: Perdue win 

Democratic consultant Gary Pearce: Perdue win 

Congressional Quarterly: Leans Democrat

Cook Political Report: "Toss-up"

Rothenberg Political Report: "Toss-up"

MSNBC's Chuck Todd: "Nailbiter"

Washington Post: "Third Most Likely to Switch Parties"

N.C. consultant John Davis: McCrory win

UNC-Chapel Hill prof Leroy Towns: McCrory win


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Re: PPP Poll: Governor's race a toss-up

Concerned 53, please get some are getting jaded. Why must you insist on every single tiny endorsement being listed for McCrory be put on this blog? Maybe you could poll the big banks or Duke Power and say they are for Pat.
Please refer to Charlotte Observer's Ballot Box today: McCrory has lost any edge he had in early October and Perdue has been ahead in every poll (including Civitas) for the last 4 weeks. A one point loss is the same as a 50 point loss; Perdue still wins.
Hopefully, you will get some much-needed rest after Perdue wins tomorrow night, and go back to working for the mayor. Let Perdue handle the Governor's office.

PPP Poll: Governor's race a toss-up

McCrory has pulled within one point in the most recent democatrically backed Public Policy Poll. This improvement for McCrory is despite changes to the make up of those polled that would favor Perdue versus McCrory as they increased the percentage of women, African-Americans and respondents in the east versus the west.

Ryan, any reason you are not reporting this or Henry Hinton endorsing McCrory? You seem to be promoting anything that is in Perdue's favor.

Henry Hinton endorsed McCrory

Add Henry Hinton, radio host of "Talk of the Town" in Greenville as he endorsed McCrory today. Why not Beverly?

Re: Rankings on the governor's race

Public Policy Polling came out with a new poll today that had McCrory's strength picking up since their last poll on October 28th. This is particularly interesting when you look at the cross tabs. McCrory's strength from the last poll to this one as increased despite the fact that PPP increased the percentage of females surveyed by 3%, increased the african american percentage of respondents by 1%, decreased the percentage of respondents in the 704 area code by 2%, increased the respondents in the 252, 910, and 919 area codes by 3%, 1%, and 1%. To me those numbers indicate a McCrory victory.

Re: Rankings on the governor's race

Detroit is in a mess and the automakers are facing dire economic straits. And right here in North Carolina our beloved automatic Democratic governormakermachine may have picked the wrong candidate.

Detroit has long been selling cars that the consumers have not wanted to buy. For years we had no other choice. But when choices came the consumers have turned to other models with more features.

Hopefully the voters of North Carolina turn to another model rather than the one the Democratic automatic governormakermachine is offering. We do have a choice between the same old model and something new. Hopefully a McCrory win will speed up the overhaul of the old Democratic machine. It's time.

Re: Rankings on the governor's race

The jaw dropping thing about Bev Perdue is that even though 2 Perdue fundraisers on the Dept. of Transportation board have resigned this year in shame, the last one as recent as September, she still continues to take money from other DOT board members. She promised an office of "transparency" and a "transformation" of the DOT after the last guy had to resign but 4 days later she took more campaign contributions from another DOT board member. She accepted $17,000 from DOT board members in the last quarter of campaign finance reporting. Does that sound like transparency to you? Does that sound like she is going to clean up corruption in Raleigh or continue the corruption? Perdue still has the DOT board in her back pocket. It's time we stop the corruption in Raleigh.

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