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Second chances

Say What?
I'm ashamed of that, and I can't change it.

A.D. "Zander" Guy, appointed as a member of the N.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission by Gov. Beverly Perdue, a Democrat, on Sept. 16, 2009, referring to his serving three months in prison in 1990 for cheating insurance clients out of nearly $16,000. Gov. Jim Martin, a Republican, commuted the rest of Guy's three-year sentence and later pardoned him.


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Re: Second chances

I applaud the Governor for this appointment.

In the past we have had those who served in state government and then went to prison. The Governor seems to be changing that to going to prison first.........and then serving.

That's "change" for you.

Re: Second chances

Ishley, should I know you? Or care?

I'm fed up because the corruption among NC Democrats is making it more likely that a bunch of fanatical, extremist, free-market- and religious-fundamentalist, Obama-hating ignorant bigots will take control of state government and keep that clown Burr in the U.S. Senate.

Not to worry. As long as the fanatical, extremist, free-market- and religious-fundamentalist, Obama-hating ignorant bigots post here, this site won't matter any more than a crime against the state in the Reagan Administration.

Re: Second chances

GiggleBox, have you absolutely lost your mind? Are you nothing more than just a liberal version of these rabid Republicans who elevate partisan preference over any pretense of principle? Has someone hijacked your username?

You often have insightful comments here, and overall I think you add a lot of quality to this blog. So I can't help but wonder how the comments on this thread strike you as partisan. How can you characterize them as partisan? Even Paul's post is (incredibly) not particularly partisan.

Instead, there is a series of comments bemoaning the corrupting influence of wealth on our political leaders. Both parties are guilty of it, but since the Dems are and have been in charge of NC for a good while, they've had the most opportunity to be corrupt. Clearly many of them have taken full advantage of that. Each of the comments (bar Paul's) clearly directs disapproval toward corrupt politicians generally rather than ranting about the corruption of the democratic party. Even Paul's post doesn't rant about the Dem party in general, just two administrations. And you know what, on the facts I've seen, it's hard to argue with him. Maybe BitterEXDem will post after me and break the pattern.

I don't know why Jim Martin pardoned Zander, but until I hear a more convincing explanation, I believe that it is because of his money. Furthermore, until I hear some explanation from Mike Easley, I am operating on the assumption that he is and was a crooked s.o.b. A blight and a shame on our state and its people. I liked him fine until all of this came out. He didn't seem to be as egotistic as most pols, and his eccentricity and reclusive habits reminded me of average people. Now, I spit every time his or his greedy, arrogant wife's name gets mentioned.

Besides, Gov. Martin's pardon has little, if any, logical relationship to Bev's decision to appoint Zander Guy. Two wrongs don't make a right. They're two separate decisions.

Finally, the article itself makes it sound like Zander is sorry for spending three months in jail. Well, no f__ing duh. I'm sorry when I get a speeding ticket, but I'm not sorry for driving ten over most of the time. What I would like to hear (other than an announcement that he declines the nomination/appointment) is a comprehensive apology for swindling people.

I'm fed up because the corruption among NC Democrats is making it more likely that a bunch of fanatical, extremist, free-market- and religious-fundamentalist, Obama-hating ignorant bigots will take control of state government and keep that clown Burr in the U.S. Senate. God help us all if that happens.

Re: Second chances

Is there anything you idiots won't make partisan? If you don't like Jim Martin's pardon, don't vote for another Republican Governor.

You do know what "pardon" means right? You sure do when you watch Ollie North on Fox News. Morons.

Re: Second chances

Career politicians breed corruption and lies.Vote them out or they and their cronies either die in or retire from public office.

Option win
Option lose

Because I'm the Governor !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she appoints this guy to the ABC board!

Help me, Rhonda.

Re: Second chances

I'm guessing that the other nominees had served longer prison sentences.

It is pretty hard to comprehend - especially with the storm in state politics. Wasn't there anyone else available?

Re: Second chances

Governor Perdue is just continuing the policies of Governor Easley.

Re: Second chances

I think it's well and good that Mr. Guy says that he is ashamed of his past mistake and he is right to point out that he can't change it. He certainly loses nothing by pointing out the obvious.

That has nothing to do with the concerns that his appointment raises. Am I, as a citizen who is anxious to see that Perdue's administration show convincing committment to a change in the way state government runs, being too cynical for suspecting that Mr. Guy's commutation and pardon were connected to his wealth and his donations to political patrons? Is that too far out or beyond the pale of a reasonable conclusion?

Notwithstanding whatever changes may have occurred within Mr. Guy's heart and soul, there are many other genuinely penitent persons languishing in prisons whose straits prior to their commissions of crime were arguably more desperate and worthy of compassion than Mr. Guy's.

I just cannot help suspecting that it is the fact that this particular gentleman was able to purchase some fat cats' attention to his plight that led to favorable treatment by Republican and Democratic governors subsequent to his conviction.

And I'm sick of it.

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