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Say What?
This happens in politics. A fellow's campaign doesn't work out like he expects and he panics and he throws a mud ball.

Carter Wrenn, strategist for congressional candidate George Holding, discussing comments made by Paul Coble, Holding's opponent in the GOP primary.


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Whoa, smelly!

Get a load of this, folks!!

Robert Edward CARTER WRENN, who ran George E.B. "Give Obama Politics the Beeewt" Holding's loathsome campaign for Congress, and who resides in northern Wake County to avoid paying his fair share of Raleigh taxes for city services he uses, DID NOT VOTE AGAINST BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA when he had the chance, NOR DID HE VOTE FOR respected U.S. Senator and war hero John McCain, in the 2008 presidential election! So REC Wrenn helped wreck the nation by accepting B.H. Obama!

Sure, it's incredible, but it's no joke!!! Check it out! You will NOT believe it, but it's true...

And to think that this person is George Holding's political strategist!


Talk about irony!

Carter's comment is deeply, hysterically, and presumably unintentionally ironic.

Psychologists call it projecting.

Politicians call it bluffing.

Voters call it lying.

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