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Easley endorses Obama

Say What?
I'd rather be a bum on the boxcar of the Obama train than at the front of the bus with John McCain.

— Gov. Mike Easley, introducing Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama at a speech in Raleigh on June 9, 2008. Easley, who had previously endorsed Hillary Clinton, said he knew he was "late to the train."


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Re: Easley endorses Obama

So would we ;-)

Re: Easley endorses Obama

At least he got the bum part right.

What he meant to say is, "I'd rather spit in state employees' faces than give up my socialist agenda."

Re: Easley endorses Obama

The proper term is "economically challenged rail traveler" Mike. Okay, I made that up. But still.

Re: Easley endorses Obama

Oh yeah, that's right, a judge blocked him from my ballot!


Let's have a little more Democracy in NC please so all the people can have a voice!

What are you afraid of?

Re: Easley endorses Obama

yuk, yuk, yuk ...

another bit of brilliance from our 'governor'...

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