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Quick Hits

* Former U.S. Sen. John Edwards' troubles had a silver lining: Book pre-sales for wife Elizabeth shot up on Amazon.

* Capitol Monitor starts its own Web site on state stimulus money, including this handy chart tracking spending and potential conflicts.

* Liberal polling guru Nate Silver says Sen. Richard Burr's seat is seventh most likely to flip in the 2010 elections.

* A different kind of sexting: North Carolina teen-agers send text messages to Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign, get answers.


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Re: Quick Hits

It should be noted that Capitol Monitor is yet another Art Pope funded sock puppet organization masquerading as non-partisan. The reference by Civitas' blog epitomizes the incest that passed for intellect in the "Conservative Revolution" (now there's an oxymoron).

Re: Quick Hits

It is no coincidence that the leak comes out about Edward's problems at
the same time his wife's book is due to come out. It is all part of the marketing ploy for the book.

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