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Quick Hits

* A proposed ban on sending text messages while driving, already watered down from the original proposal, is struggling in the legislature.

* The Arc of North Carolina says Gov. Beverly Perdue's budget "could have been worse" for the mental health and developmental disability community.

* Democratic Rep. Larry Womble of Winston-Salem wants companies that do business with the state to disclose their historical ties to slavery.

* Republican National Committee member Ada Fisher thinks chairman Michael Steele should step down, but she's not happy her e-mail was leaked.


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Re: Quick Hits

Ada Fisher is the one what should be resigning.

She has been a stalking horse for Katon Dawson in the RNC race, she can't get over that loss, and seems to spend more time attacking her fellow Republicans than doing something constructive. Enough, already, Ada!

Re: Quick Hits

I haven't read the anti-texting bill, but from the way it's being just doesn't make sense. You can access the internet but not text? I have no idea how you enforce that...does the law enforcement officer have to look at your phone to determine whether you wrote "brb" or were checking the latest on UtD via the Internet?

Re: Quick Hits

Fixed it. Thanks.

Re: Quick Hits

You put an extra "p" in happy.

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