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* Democratic number-cruncher Nate Silver ranks first-term Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Burr's seat eighth most likely to change parties in 2010.

* Greensboro News-Record columnist Doug Clark says that he's not sympathetic to a bill for four-year terms for legislators, given their gerrymandered districts.

* N&O columnist Ruth Sheehan makes schools Superintendent June Atkinson cry, learns she didn't know about power grab until it was a fait accompli.

* U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler dings Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill for not getting bipartisan agreement on stimulus package; praises President Obama for listening.


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Re: Quick Hits


* State Director at U.S. Senator Kay Hagan
* State Director at Office of U.S. Senator Kay R. Hagan
* Deputy Campaign Manager/Political Director at Kay Hagan for U.S. Senate (Self-employed)


* Deputy Political Director at Biden for President
* PAC Coordinator at AFL-CIO
* Deputy PAC Liaison at Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Wow so much for Hagan's claim of fighting special interest. Her state director used to dole out the dollars for special interest...Lies on the campaign can come back to haunt you during the reelection cycle

Kay Hagan is a phony

During the campaign, Hagan came out against the Stimulus Package. I just spoke with staffer in Hagan's DC office and they informed me that she will be voting for the Stimulus. This is not a big surprise to me, but worth noting. I also questioned the young lady on the phone about Hagan's position concerning the Congressional Budgetary Office's report about the Stimulus Package not being the best remedy for the recession and she said that the Senator was not aware.

Also interested to note...Kay Hagan has hired Muthoni Wambu - to serve as the State Director. Wambu is not from North Carolina and has spent no time in the state. Rather according to Hagan's Raleigh office, she has spent time in New York, followed by stints in Chicago and DC. Formerly Wambu is rumored to have been on the staff of Joe Biden.

How can someone with no relationships and experience in North Carolina truly help us citizens?

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