Under the Dome

Pro-topless group vows to fight the injustice

The pro-topless organization – what, you didn’t know there was such a thing? – that is the target of the bill to ban the public display of female nipples, is vowing to fight back.

GoTopless organized rallies in Asheville the past two years, which prompted Asheville Republican Rep. Tim Moffitt to sponsor legislation clarifying that constitutes a violation of the state’s indecent exposure law. The group says that even if Moffitt’s bill becomes law, it will continue to hold topless rallies.

“Though we’ve explained our viewpoint many times during GoTopless rallies over the last two years, politicians are still missing the entire point,” president Nadine Gray said in a news release Wednesday.

What’s that point?

“Our rallies are aimed at bringing attention to a serious matter of unconstitutional, unequal treatment,” she said.

What’s the unequal treatment?

“In much of the United States, woman are still persecuted or arrested for going topless, while men aren’t.”

If the bill becomes law, Gray said, the rallies will continue to drive home the point that men should be arrested, too.

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