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N.C. Senate joins House in backing same-sex marriage amendment

The tally board shows how individual state senators voted en route to a 30-16 decision on Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011, to have the defense of marriage amendment go to the voters. Staff photo by Chris Seward

It took every Republican in the chamber, but after more than an hour of debate this afternoon, the state Senate voted 30-16 to put the same-sex marriage amendment before voters in May. The bill passed the House yesterday.

The constitutional amendment required three-fifths of the Senate -- or 30 votes to pass -- and the vote was expected to be close, particularly with one Republican absent.

(See today's photos of the discussion and vote in the Senate as well as protesters on both sides of the issue.)

One lawmaker on the fence was Sen. Bill Rabon of Southport. He said he voted to approve the measure because he wanted to give voters the chance to make the decision.

He rejected suggestions that GOP legislative leaders twisted arms to get the affirmative vote. "This was my choice and my vote," he said.

As for how he would vote on the amendment in May, Rabon refused to say. "It's a secret ballot," he said, as he walked into a meeting with the Republican leadership.

Gov. Bev Perdue said today that she will avoid taking a stand on the divisive topic of same-sex marriage while other issues face the state.

The Senate vote came as about 500 protesters rallied against the effort. Hundreds more rallied yesterday on both sides of the issue.

At today's rally, Laura Edwards and Elaine Andrews listened to speakers rally against the "anti-gay amendment." The Chapel Hill couple were married in May in Washington, D.C. 

"I think we did it for our daughter," Andrews said, showing a picture from their wedding day where Lilly was the flower girl. "Anything we can do to show its legally done gives her stronger protections."

The rally continued after the vote. Alex Miller, the executive director of Equality NC, asked those in the crowd to "put that anger into action" in May.


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respect NC and GOD who

respect NC and GOD who created NC.

when name the time

when name the time

All North Carolinians deserve equal respect!

Regardless of ones position on the underlying issue;

It is completely inapprpriate for legislators or the institutional body to utilize Constitutional Law to perpetuate a negative stigma against Law-Abiding American Citizens. Statutes are created in order to regulate the relationships of the general public, and that statute already exists.

Therefore I encourage everyone to vote "NO" and stand for equal respect of American Citizens under our constitutional framework.

"All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression."

-Thomas Jefferson

The Republican Party is absolutely engaging in unamerican activity in attempting to place minority rights to a majority vote.

Best Regards,

David W Moore

NCGA District 73, Candidate 2012

you got a choice bro, you

you got a choice bro, you can choose life (Christ JESUS) or death (satan). if you dont choose satan will choose you.

you have got to be kidding

you have got to be kidding me.

1. God gave Adam dominion on the earth. Adam gave up his kingdom to Satan.

2 Read the GOSPELS it is all made very Plain.(Jesus in the wilderness).

3 the Book of JOB will lay out for you

4read in Genesis the very First Commandment God gave Adam.Homosex cannot fulfill it.

5 Stop being lazy about researching the LOVE GOD HAS for YOU or you will be subject to every lie of satan. satan already knows that GOD is real and that he LOVES YOU. satan thrives when  YOU dont know that GOD is real.

6  I dont to teach Sunday School,  you already know Same Sex marriage is wrong.

NAACP is not GOD.

NAACP is not GOD.

Christ was a JEW if any one

Christ was a JEW if any one was gay in that time.they would have been already stoned.thats why the prostitute wasnt stoned she was engaged in heterosex. when Christ spoke of marriage in the GOSPEL it was always man and woman.

you need to go back and read the gospel and stop trying to twist the Word to fit your purpose.

i cannot believe

i cannot believe the senators and representatives in our state think this is going to create jobs for the general population.

Haha, well ...

The "establishment" would be surprised and dismayed to learn that I'm their pet distraction, as they certainly aren't getting their money's worth.  And I don't think my God agrees with your God, but neither one of them has any business making our laws anyway.

If you think people like me are working *against* social and economic justice, for all folk, then you have been sorely misdirected.

I'll stand with the NAACP, who are rightly calling this piece of legislation what it is:  The constitutional codification of discrimination.  If you don't know your own history well enough to understand why the NAACP is taking this stand, then I can't help you.  Perhaps one day you will open your mind, if not your heart.  Best of luck.


So let me get this straight prifunk homosexuality is a distortion of God"s design by Satan. So your saying that Satan has power over God, he can after all distort Gods work. If you state that God is more powerful than Satan I would have to respond that God then allowed the distortion or refused to correct it, which would mean he approved of the interference and this he would be the de-facto creator of homosexuality. To summarize you have to choices.

1. Satan can distort Gods work, and because God is powerless to change it back, he is then forced to punish the distorted people before the "contagion" spreads

2. Satan can distort Gods work, and God is too busy to make a correction, but then still punishes the people who got distorted.

The choice is simple in the first example God is not all powerful but at least he make sense. In the second he is all powerful but then he makes no sense.

my point exactly. its just

my point exactly. its just about sex.

i agree brother your facts

i agree brother your facts about the marriage discrimination are true indeed. however read the rest of my post.m iwill get with you tommorrow to clear up any misunderstanding.

you are wrong. our movements

you are wrong. our movements were led by ministers of GOD.Black folk have always viewed homosex as detrimental to our existance in America.the Black communities have always been against homosex. ask any black LBGT

you are being deceitful and you are a distraction created by the establishment to hinder our movement for human rights.

many lbgt are racsist and trying to use our work for their gain. black folk in America worhipped the GOD of Abraham before it became popular with white.

We Agree with GOD!!!  


So there it is ... The bigotry and mythology at the root of your "Defense Of Marriage".

Tell you what, prifunk, I'll front you minimum wage to stand in front of the legislative building one Saturday or Sunday between now and the vote and say *just* this kind of stuff.  You're exactly the kind of advertisement my side needs to win this debate.

Logging off now, as I have my own marriage to protect, and my wife is sick of me arguing with you ... ahem ... good people.

Its late but

prifunk not sure if you saw it but I had a question for you. For now I will assume like my wife you have simply refused to answer it. Anyway your also not getting the comparison between interracial couples and gay marriage. Can we at least agree that their were laws in the south that banned interracial couples from marrying, specifically it was illegal in the State of North Carolina for African Americans & Native Americans to marry Caucasian, and this law was deemed unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court in 1967?

Homosexuality is a

Homosexuality is a distortion of GOD's Creation by satan.

Homosexuality has not been around since the beginning of time. Adam and Eve were the first humans on the earth. they were the beginning of Humanity.

you need to stop lying.

Be fruitful multiply and replenish the earth. homosex cant do that. 

some heteros had to get it on before a homosexual could exist.

Heteros were not created to breed homos. thus homosexuality is a distortion of GOD's design.

you really need to do better than this. these are childish rebuttals.go get some truth

then log in. this is big time commentary.


The LGBT struggle for fair and just consideration under the law has many parallels to the Civil Rights movement of 50 years past ...  Though it's not identical, the similarities are considerable.

For instance, your belief that gays are a distasteful "other" is much like the common attitude of whites regarding black folk 50 years ago ... And trust me, that view is still more common than many will admit.  "God said it first" is the same justification those sheet-wearing freaks used in the 60's, and it's just as much pure unadulterated BS today.

Now of course white conservatives have co-opted some African American churches into their fold by playing on their common prejudices.  Shame on them.  It doesn't make it right.

we dont have to knowingly

we dont have to knowingly accept have the right to engage in any sex act you want, even adultery.but this earth belongs to the LORD and everything in it.whether you believe it or not.GODis still gonna do HIS THING.

if the Bible dont say it dont believe it

Just mabe

They do not want to reproduce.

Black people were created by GOD almighty.Blacks reproduce other

GOD HIMSELF called homosexuality an abomination because it is against either accept HIS TRUTH or you dont. you have a choice.Argue with HIM. 


That means homosexuality have been around for a long time, and as you say Black people were created by god almighty and we see how they are treated, do you think god created homosexuals so the can be treated bad by people like you?

My friend, Black folk have

My friend, Black folk have had to deal with all sorts of genocidal attempts; physical,mental and spiritual. this is another attempt in the form of a mere sex life can be produced from it.

your interracial couple example is not even in the same ballpark be Any male and female combination regardless of race has the potential to create life.

as for GOD it is not HIS concern that you believe HIM or not.HE will always be GOD.HE LOVES you anyway.HE would dearly love to have a personal relationship with you, but being theGOODNESS that HE IS HE will never intrude on your life.HE must be invited into your heart.GOD is LOVE. it is HIS LOVE for HUMANITY that is the source of HIS rejection of things that would destroy it.

in fact dont even take my word for it. Search the truth for youself.

Whatever GOD says i believe, HE has no fear or any need to spin HIS WORD.

Now the question is are you man/woman enough to really seek the truth?

IT's about the LOVE!!! 

My God would not Discriminate

Who do you think should have an amendment voted against them next?  What will you have the voters do when they come after you? 

WELL ...

We're allowed to believe anything the bible says, for better or worse.  We're also allowed to believe things the bible *doesn't* say.  We're allowed to *ignore* things the bible says.  Hell, we're even allowed to believe Jesus adopted baby dinosaurs, for instance.

But what we're *not* allowed to do is project our faith-convictions on others where our beliefs interfere with their access to just consideration under civil law.

Beyond embarrassment

Saddened and embarrassed to live in a state where this type of legislation could pass.

A morality test for marriage, eh?  Well, where is the equivalent straight-people morality test?  A straight person can marry for the 10th time "till-death-do-us-part-yeah-right" or marry their mistress - even marry a 1st and then a 2nd mistress (Newt Ginrich anyone?).  Where are the Bible-thumpers trying to prevent this far more prevelant issue?

Defense of marriage?  And you don't think divorce, remarriage immediately, serial remarriages or lack of protection for step children is priority over the 10% of individuals who are gay?   

Whose rights do we put to a vote next?   We've already done women, blacks, and now homosexuals.  

Big day for bigots, sad day for the rest of us who care more about equality for all because it is the moral and fair thing to do.

Sweet Lordy, Pack_Mike ...

I've not said "boo" about Christians, per se.  My personal relationship with JC is none of your freaking business, actually.

And ... Lordy ... You're arguing that Irish Catholics and Southern Baptists are the same ethnicity? What?

I've said this *amendment* is bigoted, which it is, and that it's supporters are bigoted, which they are.  Are you seriously gonna argue that "North Carolinian Supporters of Institutionalizing Discrimination Against Gays" is some kind of ethnicity?  Do you believe all NC Christians support this nonsense?

Your love life is your own business, and welcome to it.  How 'bout you afford other people the same courtesy?

One last question for prifunk

You state that "Black people were created by GOD almighty." Did God not also create homosexuals? If not who did? I'm actually having a similar argument with my wife and she refuses to answer.


A heart felt thank you to these men & women in the House who voted FOR:


Avila; Barnhart; Blackwell; Blust; Boles; Brawley; Brisson; Brown, L.; Brown, R.; Brubaker; Burr; Cleveland; Collins; Cook; Crawford; Current; Daughtry; Dixon; Dockham; Dollar; Faircloth; Floyd; Folwell; Frye; Gillespie;  Goodman; Graham; Guice; Hager; Hastings; Hill; Hilton; Hollo; Holloway; Howard; Hurley; Iler; Ingle; Johnson; Jones; Jordan; Justice; Killian; Langdon; LaRoque; Lewis; McComas; McCormick; McElraft; McGee; McGuirt; Mills; Moffitt; Moore, T.; Murry; Owens; Pierce; Pridgen; Randleman; Sager; Saine; Samuelson; Sanderson; Setzer; Shepard; Spear; Stam; Starnes; Steen; Stevens; Stone; Tillis; Torbett; Warren, H.; West


A heart felt thank you to these men & women in the Senate who voted FOR:


Allran; Apodaca; Berger, P.; Bingham; Blake; Brock; Brown; Brunstetter; Clary; Daniel; Davis; East; Forrester; Goolsby; Gunn; Harrington; Hise; Hunt; Jackson; Meredith; Newton; Pate; Preston; Rabon; Rouzer; Rucho; Soucek; Stevens; Tillman; Tucker


God bless each and every one of you.

You missed the point

prifunk - I think the comparison between the black struggle and gay marriage was brought up because legislation was in place that forbid people to become interracial married couples IE a African American could not marry a Caucasian. I remember reading about a interracial couple in the 70s that was arrested for no other reason than they were a interracial couple. The comparison was used because if people could be mistaken on that matter they could also be mistaken on this matter. I do not think any insult was given at least that was my take on it On a side note you state "GOD HIMSELF called homosexuality an abomination because it is against either accept HIS TRUTH or you dont. you have a choice.Argue with HIM." I do not accept his truth so why are you arguing with me. Why don't you follow your own advice and leave people alone and let them deal "with him?" You also state "You have the right to believe any lies you desire. You have NO right to force your lies on others." But I feel you are the one who is pushing a lie, so why don't you follow your own advice and stop trying to push your lies on others. By the way I do not vote.

you cant discriminate

no such thing- discrimination against sin/abomination. we are allowed to hate sin.

Black Struggle and Gay marriage not the same fight

homosexual is not an ethnic merely defines a sexual practice.

Black people were created by GOD almighty.Blacks reproduce other blacks.

It is very insulting to Black people to link our struggles for life in America to a sexual act that should be ones own business.

there is not one homosexual that was born of a homosexual union.nor will there ever be.

Black folk are engaged in a struggle to better the life of our future children.homosexuals dont reproduce life so they will always fail to understand this difference.

that's why homosexuals get angry and fabricate lies to attempt to justify their position.they have the nerve to call you a bigot, that is so funny.They are going to hate you if tell thwm what GOD said.

GOD HIMSELF called homosexuality an abomination because it is against either accept HIS TRUTH or you dont. you have a choice.Argue with HIM.

You have the right to believe any lies you desire. 

You have NO right to force your lies on others. People have their own lies to deal with.

BY the way i do vote Democrat.

Are you kidding

gmonet46 you state "but the beautiful stupidity comes out in quoting Adams...who the hell is he?" You mean you do not know who was the second President of the United States? I would have to assume that you mean you do not like his stance on a strong federal Government and his low opinion of the intelligence of the common people. The funny things is that low opinion on everyone's intelligence is how current politicians feel about us, you included. Unfortunately they seem to be be right about our intelligence level, as North Carolina does not currently recognize same-sex-marriage everyone is fighting over legislation that means nothing. If it passes or if it fails it does not change anything. The politicians are playing us all for fools.

On a side note if you "conservatives" want to know how a "liberal" feels about this legislation, imagine that the GA passed an amendment to ban guns in the state. I'm sure that you would be complaining like the "liberals" about how this legislation is infringing on your constitutional rights. Then imagine people posting the following to your constitutional arguments:

"If a majority of voters vote NO, the amendment does not carry and there will be no restrictions on who can own GUNS. That word "majority" seems to bother some folks."

"It appears that there are a few that fear the majority may vote in a manner not consistent with their own minority view. I really can't understand your consternation. After all, haven't all of you been insisting that it is only a few that advocate banning GUNS? If so, then you should not be worrying. After all, isn't it a sure thing since there is no photo ID required to vote, that there will be plenty of votes supporting your issue? I am sure that our fellow Americans will do the right thing and vote responsibly."

Your a bigot American Worker

Ethnic group - Homosexuals 

An ethnic group(or ethnicity) is a group of people whose members identify with each other, through a common heritage, often consisting of a common language, a common culture(often including a shared religion) and an ideology that stresses common ancestry or endogamy…WIKI

So the ethnic group consisting of religious, cultural, that stress common heritage that believe marriage should between a man and a woman does not count as an ethnic group.

Christians are an ethnic group. Much to the consternation of the press and liberals.

Sorry American worker. You are a bigot!

Fundamental Rights are Not up for a vote

   We the People do not get to vote on one another's fundamental rights.  I won't quote James Madison (Father of the Constitution and 4th President), but I refer you to his Federalist Paper No. 10 about the limitations that a sound Republic must place on Majority Rule (elsewhere dubbed the "Tyranny of the Majority").

   These rights a domestic faction seeks to constitutionally ban are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution (Amendments 1, Freedom of Association and Speech; 5, Due Process and Equal Protection under Law; and 9, the Bill of Rights are not the only rights We the People have).  North Carolina is bound to uphold those Rights under the Fourteenth Amendment. 

   Moreover, North Carolina is bound to recognize the legally enforceable decisions of other States under the Full Faith and Credit clause (U.S. Const., Art. IV, Sec. 1).  This is true whether the NC Constitution says differently.  Vote for it or not, this amendment will prove unenforceable -- and only the trial lawyers of record will really win.

   The amendment's fatal flaw has nothing to do with one group being smarter or dumber than another.  It's about the Constitution guaranteeing every one of us certain, inalienable rights.  I thought that was what the tea party hoo-hah was all about, after all, freedom from Government intrusion. 

Same Sex Marriage Ammendment

Simply ridiculous and unconstitutional.  What would happen if the legislature put an ammendment on the ballot to reinstate slavery?  The "people" don't get to vote on everything because some things fall under the "human rights" umbrella.  The only valid reason for being concerned about another person's sexual preference is......if you're planning on having sex with that person!!  That's it!  And as far as "damage" to the institution of marriage nonsensense, what do we do about John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Wiener, etc., etc.

Haha pimples are funny!

But you are not, sir or madam:

One of the founding principles of this country was, indisputably, the protection of minority rights against the potential tyranny of majority opinion.  It's the main reason my forebears traveled here when the Reveolution was just a twinkling in the eye of the American consciousness.

We didn't always live up to that, but nowadays most folk with common sense try to do better.  Or maybe it's just folks with a little heart.  Either way, you should get with the program.

n & 0

please let the public know who vote for this and against it---we a citizens need to know.

Dead wrong.  Do a little

Dead wrong.  Do a little research and you'll find homosexuality rampant among Islamics.

    Here's some facts for


Here's some facts for you AP...

 1. They've been pretending that they have a low debt, but in reality they have $27-billio­n debt that they've been hiding.

2. Texas uses a two-year budgeting process, so they've been able to avoid talking their budget problems until this year.

3. Last year Governor Perry was able to hide $12 billion of his debt using  OBAMA'S STIMULUS MONEY.

4. Texas has the 8th worst Poverty Rates in the country. (By the way, the states with the worst poverty are Conservati­ve, Red states.)

5. They have some of the lowest wages in the country.

6. They have the lowest health insurance coverage in the country and the highest insurance prices inspite of the fact that Texas are allowed by insurance over state lines had have 22 insurance companies working in the state.

7. Perry likes to brag that Texas is more business friendly and attracts more businesses than California­, but that is false. California ranks 7th in attracting new busines and Texas ranks 18ths.

Texas' infrastruc­ture is crumbling. It lag behind Texas in Major Research Universiti­es, Patents Produced, High Tech Infrastruc­ture and Venture Capital.

Don't let this stop you from stirring up crap... seems to be a fun hobby for you.

"Let the people vote, is

"Let the people vote, is awful" says it all...but the beautiful stupidity comes out in quoting Adams...who the hell is he? I love it when liberals, or acne sufferers start to quote the forefathers or say that "the people" are more stupid than themselves.

Gay Marriage

All this stuff about, " Let the people vote, let the people vote" is awful

John Adams, remember him you consttution freaks?, said it best when he predicted in the 18th cent.

that , "the majority will never grant rights to a minority".  Women's right to vote, civil and voting rights

for African-Americans, rights for the disabled, in addition to banning restrictions on interracial marraige were NEVER put to

a vote for the obvious reason they had ZERO chance of passing.  ALL of the above were granted by

legislative action, NOT by public referendum.  Think I'm wrong? Go and find a single "right" , that was voted

on and passed by the general public.

Gay Marriage

Really, really stupid. If same-sex marriage is such a threat to your religion, ever wonder

how fragile your faith in God is?  Really believe that allowing 2% of our citizens to marry

whom they wish would be harmul to the remaining 98% ?  Look what happened in Spain since

they legalized same sex marraige  5 yrs ago - NOTHING.  Same with Canada. 


Just ... That's all I have.  Your comments are dumb.



Oh, thanks!

That was kind of obscure, but now your meaning is clear.  Is it ok if I just call you "Loco" instead of "Loco-Breath"? 

Also, btw, there's a big frigging log in your eye.  In case you were wondering.

Representatives who voted (and didn't vote!)

Also, WHERE were representatives Mansfield, Walters, and White today? We needed their votes!

List of legislators who voted for the referendum

List of legislators who voted for the referendum:

If the goal of this referendum is truly to "let the people decide," then the 2012 vote should have the possibility of banning or legalizing same-sex marriage in the State! Something tells me the bigots would have thought twice about putting it to a vote then... Too bad referenda don't work this way...

Let's get these idiots out of office before they further screw up our great State!


Slightly ashamed to live in North Carolina


... hits the "Like" button for your comment.

You say it like...

... that's a bad thing.

"Anything we can do..."

It's a quote. Read the article.

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