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Prosecutors drop sodomy charge

Wake County prosecutors have dropped a sodomy charge.

After reviewing the case of two men arrested by Raleigh Police, Assistant District Attorney Adam Moyers said the facts showed the acts occurred between consenting adults in private, meaning they are protected by a landmark 2003 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Josh Shaffer reports.

Nelson Keith Sloan, 39, had a $3,000 bond and paid $450 to get out of jail, a typical 15 percent bondsman's fee.

"I am grateful that the DA's office has a better understanding of the Constitution than the Raleigh Police Department," he said in a statement Friday. "However, as long as this law remains on the books it is a crime punishable by an arrest, a stay in jail, media attention, and a fineĀ  of $450 since that is how much it cost me to get out of jail."

Previously: Sodomy law dates to King Henry VIII.

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