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Price: One percent of spending

U.S. Rep. David Price said earmarks are a sliver of federal spending.

The Chapel Hill Democrat, who chairs a House Appropriations subcommittee on homeland security, said that they make up a tiny fraction of his spending bills.

"This is important, but it's not a major chunk of the federal budget," he said.  

Last year, 120 earmarks worth $415.6 million were in the homeland security appropriations bill, which totaled $40.1 billion. That's just over one percent of the spending.

He said the far more important questions the subcommittee dealt with were how much to spend on immigration enforcement, a major chunk of that budget. Other decisions such as whether to continue funding the F-22 dwarf earmarks, he argued.

"Believe me, that's far more consequential than trying to get a grant for a high-tech firm in one's district," he said.

Still, he said the earmarks process is time-consuming. He estimated it takes up about 10 percent of his time as an Appropriations cardinal. 


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Re: Price: One percent of spending

You might also want to explain to your readers that earmarks do not add to the budget. Earmarks are not an increase in expenditures. Instead, an earmark is saying "of the amount of money we have to spend on universities, I'm going to make sure that $10 million goes to my alma mater."

Earmarks are simply a way of dividing the pie. They don't make the pie bigger.

Re: Price: One percent of spending

1% of my money is a LOT of money too me. Man talk about the rich! There are more rivh Democrats in NC than Republicans. Please keep bashing!

Re: Price: One percent of spending

So Rep. Price - how is all of this enormous federal money you keep approving and spending going to be paid back?

Ouch. Guess you missed the list of NC's top oinkers.

Here is a breakdown of the approved earmarks in last year's spending bills, as compiled by Citizens Against Government Waste:

Sen. Elizabeth Dole: 110, $133.6 million

Sen. Richard Burr: 89, $117.1 million

Price's constituents actually like him bringing their tax money home.

So, did you have anything to ask Richard Burr? Your Senior Senator?

Re: Price: One percent of spending

If earmarks are no big deal, then do not request them, and vote against them!!!

Federal politicians love to spend money they do not have - but someone eventually has to pay the money back - don't they? So Rep. Price - how is all of this enormous federal money you keep approving and spending going to be paid back? Or do you not care about this?? Or is this future generations problems that is not a concern to you???

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