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President Obama praises N.C. volunteers, regrets speech change

President Barack Obama said North Carolina "is exhibit A of the unbelievable work that is being done at the grassroots level."

"You guys are just blowing it up when it comes to registering voters," he said in a seven-minute conference call with supporters Thursday.

The kind words are a consolation prize for thousands of N.C. supporters who planned to attend his acceptance speech in Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte until it was moved indoors.

Obama said "we can't let a little thunder and lightning get us down -- we're going to have to roll with it."

Campaign manager Jim Messina echoed the president's words, saying North Carolina volunteers "are truly the most amazing grassroots operation that I've seen."

The president and the campaign said they hope to hold a rally in North Carolina soon for those who couldn't attend. "Hopefully you'll have an even closer front row seat to the campaign," he said.

Obama also urged his supporters to work hard. "I need you to prove the cynics wrong one more time," he said.


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what is it about weather that baffles Republicans?

Is it because it is rooted in science? The GOP seems clueless about the weather and its implications. Listen guys, just tune into your lpocal weather man or woman every night and it's amazing what you'll learn.

The event at the outdoor stadium today was scheduled to start at 1:00 PM when people were told to come and get in line. It was pouring rain in Charlotte for most of the afternoon. Enough said. Move along now, folks. Nothing to see.

When the only thing you have to criticize is the weather and weather-related decisions, you are really, truly scraping the bottom of the barrel. Romney does know he is running for Commander-in-Chief, right, not Chief Meteorologist?

Yep, they have angered democrats statewide!

ROFLMAO!    Even GIVING AWAY FREE TIX didnt work to fill the stadium!

Maybe they can fill 15,000 seats tonight to avoid total embarrassment - oh wait - you cannot embarrass a democrackkk ...


Check the time of the speech (10pm) on The Weather Channel, hoss.  It's been set at no chance of rain all week.  If a concert or game had been scheduled for the same venue they would not have cancelled as early as these folks did.  They just didn't want the cameras to catch empty seats.

No one expects this (or any) president to control the weather or be truthful.  Just pointing out the political shuffling that should've been mentioned, at least in passing, by the 4th estate.

Hurricane Isaac

If I recall correctly, the RNC had to cancel the first day and a half (at least) of their activities due to, oh yes, Hurricane Isaac (aka, the weather).  Talk about planning fail.  They should have known a year in advance when they booked the convention that a hurricane was going to hit!




According to the Weather Channel at 2PM:

Next 6 hours Charlotte


Widespread showers and thunderstorms developing around 4pm.


Maybe your pithy post lacks substance, arithmetic and any relation to facts, but you more than make up for it with "truthiness". 

Re: DNC Folly

Yeah, how can we have confidence in a Prez if he cannot even control the weather?!   ... great argument, uh huh.

Chance of rain at speech time?....

0%. Yep that's right.  The speech was not moved because of weather. It was lack of enthusiasm amongst the Dems.  Couldn't fill the 73,000 seats at Bank of America Stadium.

DNC Folly

how are we supposed to have any confidence in this president when he can't even plan and organize his own dnc in charlotte?  hope and change at its best!  what a joke.  november 6 can't get here fast enough.    

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